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Mack truck wreckers in Sydney

It is never a happy moment when you are forced to make the decision to get rid of your Mack Truck, due to its old age. And selling a junk car is hard enough. Who is going to want to take a junk Mack truck off your hands? Happily, in today’s modern times this problem has been solved by us at Wreck Monster, Sydney’s greatest truck removal company.


Receive best cash for your old Mack truck

If you come to us with an old, used or unwanted Mack truck, you can expect us to eagerly pay maximum cash for it. The amounts that we pay for Mack trucks will vary depending on the details of said truck, such as age and condition. But it is safe to say that it can get up to $15000. We make no bones about our love for buying Mack Trucks.

Always remember that the final price could be given after the proper assessment of the truck, which can be done at your location or ours whichever way you prefer.

Any condition your Mack truck is in

We will buy it. We are often asked by our customers, whether their truck is just too old, or too broken for us to buy. But they needn’t worry. The reason is that we salvage trucks at our salvage yard, and no matter what condition a truck is in we will be able to salvage items and materials of value from it. If your Mack truck has been the unfortunate victim of flood, fire or old age, contact us and we will buy it off you.

Also, whether your Mack truck is not roadworthy or unable to drive because of mechanical reasons, we can pick up it up for no additional towing charges. We will give you one best price figure which would cover it all.

Free old truck quotes for everyone

Some good folk are only after the current value of their truck. Here for Wreck Monster we understand this whole-heartedly. That is why we perform a specific service for people who are just after a cash quote. You don’t even have to be planning on selling the truck. The number you need to call immediately is 0478 682 103. If you hate calling people on the phone. You have the option of filling out a special free quote form on our website. We get back to you within 24 hours or sooner.

Scrap trucks wanted – any model – any age

If your Mack truck is a TerraPro Low Entry, Granite, Super Liner, Trident, Metro Liner, Titan, TerraPro Cabover, Trident Axle Back or any other model of Mack Truck, you will have no trouble selling the vehicle in question to us.

We also sell Mack used truck parts

Has your Mack Truck broken down? Does it need a part replaced to get running again? Well, you are in luck because we have a huge range of parts, and that includes Mack Trucks. Call 0423 352 551 to book a part. Or fill out the form on our website.

Sell your truck in a smart way – We are Sydney’s local junk truck buyer.

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