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Mitsubishi Truck Wreckers Sydney

The process of selling and disposing a junk vehicle can be really daunting, particularly when it is a heavy commercial 4×4 truck. But the true fact is that you can’t keep an old, junk or deteriorated vehicle parked on your property. It will not only make it look messy, but also wastes a huge valuable space. So you will need to find someone, who can remove that old clunker from your property and the good news is that your local Mitsubishi truck wreckers can be of great help to you.

The crew at “Wreckmonster” will not only offer you the most convenient Mitsubishi truck removal services. But also pay top cash up to $15,000 as well. We are the leading Mitsubishi Truck Wreckers in Sydney, NSW and proud of our high level of expertise and skills. Therefore, if you have any old or unwanted Mitsubishi truck, don’t delay to sell it to us anymore. Contact us today and we will be glad to take it off your property. Call us now at – 0478 682 103.


Free truck removal service

We keep the customer’s well-being as our top priority and take great pains to ensure that they experience completely hassle-free and smooth auto removal services. This is why, we never charge any additional fee for towing away scrap vehicles. Instead, our responsive crew offers hassle free truck removal services and also make sure that you get as much money as you can for your scrap automobile.

All Mitsubishi truck models accepted

When dealing with us, never fear whether we will buy the particular model of your Mitsubishi commercial vehicle or not. Because we have no black list for any specific Mitsubishi model. Being the leading truck wreckers in Sydney, we are extremely passionate about wrecking and recycling all possible models. This is true for all Mitsubishi models including L200 Chassis Cab, Triton, Mighty Max, Fuso Fighter, Fuso Caner, Raider, Fuso FL/FM or Fuso Heaver.

Buying all truck conditions – Dead or Alive

If you have a commercial vehicle that is terribly worn-out or broken. You may not be expecting to get a good deal for it. But there is no need to worry now, as we here at “Wreckmonster”, won’t turn you down, no matter what is the level of disrepair in your automobile. We will accept it, whether it be a junk, burnt, scarp, rusted or damaged vehicle.

Contributing to maintain a clean and green Environment

Being a well- licensed Mitsubishi wreckers, we ensure to follow green wrecking and recycling methods that conform to the strict regulations formulated by the government, so as not to harm our precious planet earth. Our experts perform correct disposal of all junk and toxic materials like oils and fluids. All of us know that recycling steel extracted from junk vehicles reduces the demand for manufacturing new steel extracted from the earth. And, mining more resources will consume more energy which release carbon dioxide and harmful gases into the environment. So our experts help in saving the environment from these harmful gases and substances that make leak out from a scrap automobile.

Request free no obligation cash quote today

If you want to get a quick and precise assessment for your automobile. Just complete the simple form given on the main page of our website. Or alternatively, you can also free phone us at – 0478 682 103. But be sure to give us accurate details about your automobile, whether you choose to call us or fill out our appraisal form. And, our polite and knowledgeable assessors will give you the right cash estimation within 24 hours or so.

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