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How to sell a car that has permanently broken down?

So, your car has stopped running and it is more expensive to have it fixed than the vehicle is worth. This is every car owner’s nightmare. What are you going to do? Pay a towing company to haul it off to the local junk yard? You certainly can’t place an advertisement in a vain attempt to sell it. People don’t buy junk vehicles. They want to spend their hard earned money on automobiles that they can drive.

Well, that isn’t strictly true. You do have another option. That option is selling your old clunker to your local auto wrecking company. It is not the same as sending it off to a junk yard either. You actually get money this way. And it is incredibly fast. Your vehicle will be gone within the same day that you contacted them.


How to sell your broken car for wreckers in Sydney?

Auto wrecking companies buy all sorts of vehicles, from your regular car all the way to SUV’s, Utes, trucks, vans and 4×4’s. And the chances are that you will be able to find an auto wrecking company that will buy your specific make and model. Some of them specialise and only buy certain brands, and some buy them all. But none of that answers the question: What do they want with your junk car? Why do they buy scrap vehicles at all?

They are doing this because they make a living from the sale of used car parts. Once they have hauled a vehicle back to their salvage yard, they drain all the fluids and then dismantle the vehicle. Any part or component that can be sold second hand is saved, and the rest is sold to scrap metal companies for more money.

What’s your car worth?

Many folk are operating under the false assumption that their clunker is not worth a cent. It is, after all, useless. But this isn’t taking into account the value of the parts that are still in usable condition. This is one of the variables that will influence how much your automobile will get when selling to an auto wrecking company.

It isn’t only the amount of parts that can be salvaged, even though that is important. The age of the vehicle also matters. Parts on older cars will have more wear and tear, therefore selling at a lower price due to shorter life-spans.

The make and model of your vehicle and the parts on it also gets taken into account. This is due to the law of supply and demand. The more popular a make is, the more people are going to want replacement parts for that brand of vehicle. This allows the seller to sell them for more money, as they will be sold easily. Parts that are harder to sell will need lower prices to entice the customer to part with their money in order to buy it.

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