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Suzuki Wreckers in Sydney

There are so many junk Suzuki cars out there that it seems like that there is no way to solve the problem of vehicular scrap, but the truth of the matter is that you can easily get rid of your junk Suzuki. It doesn’t involve breaking the law and leaving it abandoned, nor does it involve paying a company to come and take it away.

What it does involve is making some cold hard cash. How? By selling it to us here at Wreck Monster.

Call us at 0478 682 103 or fill out the form on our website.

Top cash for Suzuki cars up to $9’999

If you want to get rid of your scrap or broken Suzuki car as quickly as possible while still making as much money as you possibly can, you can do so by selling to a reputable wrecking company. That would be us. We here at Wreck Monster pride ourselves on being Sydney’s go to car wrecking company. We buy Suzuki’s of all shapes and sizes, and we pay from $100 to $9999, depending on the condition.

Free Suzuki removal service

If your Suzuki is in such a terrible state of disrepair, it will probably not be road worthy. As a junk car wrecking company, we understand this. That is why we have the policy of taking it upon ourselves to remove vehicles that we have bought. We won’t deduct the cost for you, so basically you are not paying a dime for this service, plus you are getting paid as well.

We cover all the regions from Penrith to Parramatta.

Any Japanese models wanted to buy

There is no such thing a Suzuki that we don’t want to buy. But we still get asked from time to time if there is. We here at Wreck Monster want to make it clear as the light of day that we will buy any model of Suzuki that we are offered. This includes such models as Ignis, Cappuccino, Landy, Kizashi, Escudo, Fronte, Cultus, Reno, Cervo, Celerio, XL7, Maruti 800 and Mighty Boy.

We buy Suzuki’s regardless of condition

Is your Suzuki so totalled that you feel too embarrassed to offer to sell it to anyone, regardless of how much money you want for it? You don’t have to be shy around us. Here at Wreck Monster we buy a lot of clunkers, so we have seen the worst. And it didn’t put us off buying it. So your Junk Suzuki will be just fine, don’t worry.

Used Suzuki parts for Sale

Our used Suzuki parts are of an extremely high quality while still being completely affordable. Don’t buy brand new parts when you can save money and buy used. Our selection is huge, so call us at 0478 682 103. You can also fill out the free quote form on our website to book a part. Please make sure that you should have the vehicle’s VIN number handy before making a call, it will save our time.

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