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Hino Truck Wreckers Sydney

If you are currently in the fortunate position of being located in the Sydney, NSW, then you are in luck. Because if you own an old Hino that has permanently broken down, you now have the option of being able to sell it to us here at WreckMonster – Hino truck wreckers Sydney! This is very handy considering how impossible it is to sell a junk vehicle using any other avenue. Just try and sell a junk automobile on the private market and bear witness to how impossible it is. But WreckMonster will buy it.

hino truck wreckers Sydney

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We Will Pay Maximum Cash for Hino Trucks

Paying the more cash than anyone else in town will pay is what we strive for every day. If you have a Hino truck that you would like to sell, you can be rest assured that you will get the truck’s full value. We only take into account all the most objective details of your Hino, and then go about determining exactly how much it is worth. You will get the full value of your Hino, no worries. If it is in a condition that can be considered “good” then you may get up to $15’999 for it!

Any Hino Model is wanted

We aren’t into specialising in just one or two different models of Hino. This may be what other, lesser auto wrecking companies do. However, here at WreckMonster we are very welcoming to all the different Hino models. Whether you are trying to sell a Hino 700, class 4, TH-Series truck, 328 Class 5 or 358 Class 7 we will pay you good money for it.

Get a Great Free Quote for your Hino

Find out how much your Hino is worth! There are no hoops that you need to jump through, other than contacting us and telling us all about your Hino. We only need to know how old it is, what model it is, and how many Km’s it has travelled in its career. There are two methods that are at your disposal for you to choose. Either call us at 0401 333 393 or you could go to our website’s main page. Right there in front of you will be the quote request form that you are free to fill out. And after that you will get a free cash quote as quickly as possible.

Free Removal All Over the NSW

You shouldn’t have to pay for the removal of your Hino. That is our job. We have the equipment to be able to complete the removal process. And we foot the bill. There are no hidden costs. By that we mean that we won’t be offering less money for your truck than the truck is worth, so we can make up for the cost of removal.

cash for Hino trucks

Used Hino Truck Parts Sydney

Need an affordable truck parts? Don’t buy truck parts brand new, buy them second hand! It’s a good thing we sell them. And they are affordable, along with being in good condition. So, get in touch with your local Hino Truck Wreckers Sydney today!

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