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Kia Wreckers Sydney, NSW

When the world seems to be going crazy, the last thing you need in your life is the stress of your trusty Kia reaching the end of its life. For many years it served you dutifully. But now it is breaking down all the time. No-one will think less of you if you get rid of it for a new one. However, you may be wondering to yourself, “who on earth is going to buy a junk vehicle like this one?”

If you find yourself with a car that is now in the junk stage of its career, and you live in Sydney, you need not despair. Wreck Monster is here to solve all your junk vehicle related problems. We have a team of experts and skilled professionals who have made it their life goal to help folk such as yourself. We want people to be able to sell their KIAs no matter what condition said Kia’s are in.

Reputed Sydney auto wreckers

As a top Sydney Auto Wreckers, we pay top cash for old, unwanted or broken down KIAs. Regardless of whether your Kia is a van, Ute, SUV, 4×4 or a truck. Depending on what condition your Kia is, we are willing to pay from $100 to $15’000 for it. All you need to do is contact us for a free quote. You can either go to our website, locate the quote request form so you can fill it out, or you can call us at 0478 682 103, and tell us all about your Kia. Tell us what model of Kia it is, how old your Kia is, and what condition it is in.

Kia’s of all conditions are wanted

Is your Kia so far gone that you are embarrassed to show it to us out of fear that even us, buyers of scrap vehicles, will recoil in horror at how bad the state of disrepair is? What you must think of us. We are welcoming to vehicles of all levels of damage, age, and general bad condition. Don’t be shy, we have seen the worst states that a Kia can be in, and still shelled out top cash for it.

This is true regardless of the terrible luck that may have befallen your Kia. Perhaps it has had the misfortune of being burned terribly in a fire. Maybe your Kia has been caught in a flood and is suffering extreme water damage as a result. There is, of course, the chance that it has simply gotten so old that the accumulated wear and tear has gotten the better of your Kia. Whatever the reason is, contact us and we will buy it off you quickly and smartly.

Free Kia Removal NSW Wide

A car that isn’t roadworthy needs to be towed or transported in some other way that doesn’t involve it being driven. And if you have just sold it to someone, it would be rude of them to then turn around and say that it’s your responsibility to find a way to transport the machine to their premises.  The significance of auto removal services is prominent. Here at Wreck Monster, we understand this and that is why we provide the service of free removal on top of paying with cash.

Vehicle wrecking services throughout Sydney, NSW

We provide this service to all the people of Sydney. There isn’t a location we won’t go to. If you are in a more rural area please confirm your location, because we may not be able to perform a same day removal in this case. The locations we cater to include: Ultimo, Greenacre, Campbelltown, Penrith, Richmond, Parramatta and Liverpool. You shouldn’t have to pay to have your vehicle removed if you have just sold it!

As a leading Korean dismantlers in Sydney, We operate all over the fine city of Sydney, NSW. No matter where you live in Sydney, you are eligible for our amazing cash for cars & car removal service. Don’t be in distress if you live in Sydney but your location is relatively far from us.

All Kia’s, Regardless of Model, Wanted to Buy

The only difference the model of Kia you were on the value it has. But it won’t stop us from buying it. The model of Kia you own will not serve as a road block to whether or not we will be able to buy it. The reason for this is that we love KIA’s. There is no model of Kia that we won’t buy. So whether you have Kia Picanto, Sorento, Carnival Rondo, Sportage, Magentis, Mentor, Optima, Rio or Kia Cerato, we will buy it. It really makes no difference. So if you own a Kia, don’t go thinking that we won’t buy it because it is the wrong model. That would be an incorrect thing to be assumed in this day and age. We are an inclusive company.

We Help the Environment

When it comes to environmental issues, it turns out that the best thing you can do with a car of any kind is have it recycled. With this in mind, here at WreckMonster we make every effort to recycle every part of a car to within the full extent of our abilities. All hazardous chemicals are dealt with properly so that they don’t get into the eco-system and cause havoc. If you are worried about climate change, we are doing our bit by recycling the steel, reducing the need for the mining industry. We are proud to be doing our bit.

Maintain your car using used car parts in Sydney. Our car scrapping services dismantle the useful parts that can be reused for good reason.

If your Kia has broken down, and you need a part that will fix it. After reading this paragraph you will know exactly where to get the part you need. From us at Wreck Monster. We have all the Kia parts that you could possibly want, at affordable prices and great quality to boot. Don’t buy them new, buy them second hand. Call us at 0401 333 393 and book the part you want.

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