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Volvo truck wreckers Sydney

Volvo trucks are a fine make of truck, but being a fine make of the truck doesn’t make them immune to eventually getting so old that they no longer run. What do you do when that happens? You need to find a way to get rid of the truck pronto, before people start complaining about the waste of space that it is taking up.

You need to call us here at Wreck Monster. We will be more than glad to remove that truck for free, while paying cold hard cash you for said truck.


Free quotation for old Volvo trucks

However, much is the most amount that your Volvo truck is worth, is the amount of cash that we will pay for it. If you would like to know how much that is before doing business with us, going about doing so is as easy as calling us at 0478 682 103. There is also a free cash quote form on our website if you prefer that method.

We pay decent cash for scrap Volvo trucks

We buy Volvo trucks for the most amount that they are worth. Depending on the condition of your Volvo, you can expect to get in between $100 and $15,000 for your Volvo truck. We will match the price of your Volvo if one of our competitors gives you a higher offer.

Volvo truck removal in Sydney

A great service that we provide is a free removal of Volvo trucks Sydney-wide. It is especially handy for people whose Volvo truck has reached the junk stage of its life and is no longer road-worthy. You can’t seriously be expected to transport it to our salvage yard, so we will come to where-ever your truck is located, pay you for it and then remove it. You don’t have to pay a dime or lift a finger.

Any Volvo truck model

We are often asked the question “What Volvo trucks do you refuse to buy?” Not in those exact words but a variation of that question. The fact is that we don’t refuse to buy any Volvo trucks, because they all have scrap metal that we can sell. We will buy your Volvo off you regardless of its model. N12, NL10, FLC, FM7, NL12, ECT, VN, NH, FL6, FM9 are all models that we buy.

We will buy any condition

If your Volvo has been totalled, we will still buy it. The fact of the matter is all Volvo’s will have something salvageable about it, so it would be a waste for it to end up in a landfill somewhere to simply rot. Whether your truck has been in a flood or a fire, sell it to us and get sweet cash.

Used Volvo truck parts & spares

If you would like to book a second hand part or look for one in our yard either call us, fill out the form or visit our site. We will be more than enthusiastic to help you. Please handy the VIN number of the truck.

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