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Wreck Monster’ Services

If you need to sell your car fast, with none of the hassle that normally comes with selling a car, look no further than Wreck Monster. We are Sydney’s leading cash for a car company, and we buy used cars, old cars, cars that are running, cars that are wrecked, and everything in between.

Contact us for a cash offer that is both instant, and comes with no obligations. The number to call is 0478 682 103. There is also an online quote request form on our website.

Here are some of the great cash for cars services that you can enjoy with us:

  • Recycling of cars;
  • The wrecking of vans;
  • We wreck 4×4’s;
  • Truck wrecking;
  • Dismantling of automobiles;
  • Cash is paid on the spot;
  • Quotes that are quick and free;
  • We buy all makes and models that are in any condition;
  • Up to $15’000 cash for cars;
  • Sydney-wide free car removal.

Whether you are selling a truck, SUV, 4×4, car, Ute or van, you will be able to sell it to us quickly and easily whether the automobile in question is running or not.

We wreck trucks

When selling to us, we won’t reject truck simply because of the model. We accept all of them, and this includes trucks of all conditions. Then we recycle them according to the strictest of guidelines.

We wreck 4×4’s

If it’s a 4×4 that has let you down one too many times, sell it to us and you will have it gone from your place within the same day. If it is in good enough condition, we pay up to $15’000.

Sydney’s top wrecker of vans

Not just anyone can wreck vans. They need to be wrecked by someone that has the skills specific to the wrecking of such vehicles. If not, you run the risk of getting paid less than the van is worth. WreckMonster are such a company, and we pay up to $15’999 for vans.

Free auto removals Sydney wide

It doesn’t matter what your motivations are for wanting to sell your vehicle to us. All you need is the desire to sell your truck, car, van, Ute, SUV or 4×4 in a fashion that is both fast and stress free. We will pay cash for your automobile on the spot, and this will be the case regardless of whether we are planning on recycling or reselling the vehicle in question. We make the initial cash offer either online via the quote request form, or via the phone. The cash is paid before we remove it for free.

Top cash for cars

You cannot find an easier and hassle free method for selling a vehicle in Sydney. If you are the owner of a vehicle that you are selling to us, you will be quoted a cash offer either online or over the phone. Then we will come to where ever the car is and pay you on the spot before removing the vehicle for free.

We dismantle vehicles

It doesn’t matter what shape a car is in. vehicle might be a wreck, with no hope of ever being made road worthy ever again due to the immense cost of repair that would be required. It might still have many used parts that can be salvaged, parts that are worth good cash. And when we estimate the value of a vehicle, we strive to be fair, and not make any underestimations.

We are willing to pay up to $15’999 depending on the vehicle’s condition.

Get in touch online

Feel free to contact Sydney wreckers today. If you want the most professional and fastest service in all things concerned with vehicle removal, give us a call. The number is 0478 682 103, or you can fill out the quote request form on our website.

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