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5 tips for selling junk cars in Sydney

When once a fine vehicle reaches the junk or scrap stage, most of you may simply leave it to deteriorate and rust away in the driveway or backyard. And, you may end up with a not-roadworthy and that is very difficult to get rid of.

It is just because you may think that your vehicle would cost not more than zero dollars. When it comes to selling it. But the good news is that even a scrap or damaged car can be sold for some cold hard cash. If you have an old vehicle in Sydney, NSW that you don’t need anymore, you should seriously consider selling it rather than leaving it to deteriorate in your driveway.


Here are a few good option worth exploring for those wanting to know how and where you can sell a junk car for cash:

Sell your car as it is

It is a common practice to sell a vehicle as is it and it is even followed by dealerships. You can simply list your vehicle for sale in the local newspaper classified or online marketplace like Craigslist. You should also make it clear to your potential buyers that there may be a few mechanical issues or faults with your automobile. Also, make sure to point out the problems that you already know about. Of course, you will not want your buyer to come back later and ask you to fix the faults for them.

Sell it to your local scrapyard in Sydney

There are many junkyards that will come and take away your vehicle and they will also give you some money for it. It is better to check for some reputable junkyards beforehand. Make sure to ask if they mind you removing the parts on your own before they take it away. As these companies can, of course, make good money by parting it out your vehicle and selling its parts.

But even if you consider to just sell off the accessories of your vehicle, junkyards will still have a lot of heavy-duty components like doors, axles, etc. which they can sell for good profit. Either way you can also sell your car as it is or they will happily take it off you. You can use auto salvage yards’ directory to easily and quickly locate junkyards near you.

Break it down into parts

If your some particular incident have put your vehicle in a junk condition and its parts are still in a decent condition. You can consider breaking it up for parts and sell them for cash. For example, you may have a car with blown up engine or maybe it has been damaged in an accident but still in a running condition. The number of parts you can take off your automobile will depend on your mechanical know-how.

You can remove the battery, the CD radio system, seats, wing mirrors, wheels and tires, the center console, lights and lenses, which can be recycled and sold for good value. It is better not to touch parts like steering wheel. As it may have an airbag and it could injure you by inflating suddenly. Make sure to have a plan in place for someone to buy off the parts from you. Remember to check the dealer prices for the smallest of accessories.

Sell it for scrap

You can earn good profit by selling your car for scrap metal. Because it doesn’t matter how damaged a vehicle is. It will have a decent amount of metal in it, regardless of its shape and size.

If your car is badly broken with most of its parts worn-out. It is best to sell it off for scrap. Based on it’s the weight of the scrap metal in the automobile. You will get a good price for it. This aspect will work in your favour. if you have an old and heavy vehicle like a truck.

Some of the buyers will tell you to remove the parts like rubber and plastic as a part of the scrapping process. But it will lower down the price you will get. The scrap car buyers will also don’t come to pick up the automobile for you. So you have to take the headache of arranging its transportation on your own.

Sell your car online

In today’s world, a lot of websites have been cropping up that offers a good platform to sell junk and unwanted automobiles. However, you will be required to do some research in order to discover a company that operate in your area and offer towing service as well. This method is obviously not going to get you top dollar for your unwanted automobile, but at least you will be able to rid of it fast.

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