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General Attributes of Auto Wreckers

Whether you want to remove your scrap vehicle or looking to purchase used spare parts at cheap prices, you will quite often look to the auto wreckers for help. So, you might want to know all about wreckers and the benefits of acquiring their services. However, they provide countless benefits when it comes to getting rid of unwanted vehicles quickly.

Basically wreckers are also popular as dismantlers, auto recycling firms or scrap yards. They purchase all types of automobiles that are wrecked, not-running or beyond repair. Beside this they also supply second hand auto parts at cheap rates. Plus, they give a generous level of money for old, junk or damaged automobiles. Not only their junk car sale process is totally hassle free but it also keeps the environment pollution free. It is clearly the best part of their job and most people appreciate their good efforts.


In this guide we have explained some basic characteristics of auto wreckers. Understanding their general qualities will help you to know how their services work and how it is helpful to the environment.

Why we need auto wrecking service?    

Most people often wonder why they should use car wrecking services whenever they have an old or unwanted automobile. Because whenever we have a useless and rusted car, truck, Ute, van, or SUV sitting our garage or driveway. It tends to spoil the clean and beautiful view of our property. Thus, it needs to be taken off as quickly as possible.

If you delay to its sale it will soon become a huge burden. As you will have to wash and clean your old vehicle regularly, even when it is not in use. This is where auto wreckers benefit people by buying their junk wheels conveniently in a very less time. Most of them will buy any year, make, model and condition irrespective of the undesirable condition. By selling your scrap car for cash you can also do your part to help the surrounding environment.

There can be different motives why you may consider your old automobile as reckless. It can be old-fashioned, harshly damaged in an accident, not worth using and not worth repairing. Sometimes you may be running out of cheap used spare parts to keep your old vehicle travelable. There can be countless reasons but car wreckers will still accept your old clunker. Contact a good reputable auto wrecking company or junk yard near you to get more information.

What exactly auto wreckers do?

Auto wreckers will be willing to buy your wheels for top dollars as long as it is worth some money. Whether it is in terms of usable parts or just scrap metal. Nearly all good car wreckers are specialised in their business and use up-to-date equipment for auto dismantling. They primarily focus on breaking down automobiles those are not worth driving anymore. They take it apart into smaller portion to extract the useful parts and recyclable chunks of metals. By selling them as spare they are able to earn a good sum of money. Read more how do junk yards operate.

That’s the reason most of them are eager to purchase all makes and models that are out their in the market. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t buy vehicles that are outdated. They are well qualified in their business and know how to valuate each vehicle fairly. However, they asses automobiles with respect to some basic factors like manufacturing company, production year, the type and the model. Analyzing these information help car wreckers to offer the best monetary value for a vehicle.

How does their car wrecking process actually work?

Auto Wreckers take several important steps to carefully wreck and recycle every old vehicle. They make sure to follow green standard set by the government to keep the environment free from pollution. Here we explained their auto wrecking steps in detail:

  • Remove fluids: We all know that every vehicle has toxic fluids that are hazardous once they leak out from the vehicle. So, they must be drained out from the vehicle to avoid environment pollution. Whereas there are also some fluids like antifreeze, freon and motor oil which are reusable. Auto wreckers flush out the toxic fluids. While they clean the reusable ones and repurpose them for antifreeze, refrigerant and energy.
  • Take off parts: Sure, you may consider your old car merely as a piece of scrap if it is not worth driving or accidental.  But fortunately, car wreckers know how to fetch money from every possible shape of vehicle. Whether wrecked, broken, junk, flooded, burnt or dysfunctional. They are always  able to find some parts which can be sold after refurbishing. The process mainly includes cleaning, recycling and testing the used working parts. After this they are sold at cheap rates to the customer who want to fix their vehicles on a budget.
  • Recycling components: Every vehicle may have some components which can be removed and processed before recycling. This commonly goes for components like dead auto batteries which have toxic and harmful materials such as lead. Once the lead is extracted from the car’s battery it can be reurposed for manufacturing new ones. Even the plastic can be extracted from the vehicle’s battery and reused to manufacture battery cases. Additionally, auto tyres can be recycled during the process of wrecking.
  • Crush the remaining vehicle: After all the toxic fluids and components have been take off from the automobile and recycled. The automobile is sent to a crushing facility. There it is processed through the crusher and flattened. Then it is shredded into tiny pieces and specialized magnets are used to separate steel chunks.

How easily you can contact them?

When it comes to searching best auto wreckers near you there is a simple hard and fast rule that you can choose. Just select your favourite browser and contact the three most professional car wrecking companies in your town. This will give you the names of most reputable companies near you. As soon as you check their website you can find all necessary information about them including their contact number. Just make them a call to discuss about your vehicle’s basic details like make, model and condition.

It is always a better decision to contact a responsive and trustworthy company like Wreckmonster, find out why should you choose Wreck Monster. Because they will be able to give you the most handsome price within the guaranteed time period. Once you have agreed upon a fair deal, they will straight away visit your place to remove the car. You will just need to complete the required paperwork and hand over your auto’s keys to them. And you will receive a sweet amount of money without making any hard efforts.

How much value can I expect to get?

As we have discussed above you must not make haste to finalize a deal with any auto wrecking firm. Be sure to take your time and do adequate research about the auto removal companies near you. Please try to get free cash quotes from at least 2-3 companies. When you agree to deal with any company, you can try doing some haggling on the price. This way you can expect to get a higher price for your wheels. Most of the companies certainly consider the price figures shared by their customers. Of course, they don’t want to spoil the good reputation that they have earned in their years of service.

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