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About car disposal and vehicle licence cancellation laws in Sydney, NSW

Have you recently sold your car? Has it been stolen? Or has it been repossessed? If any of these things have happened, it is important that you tell Transport in New South Wales immediately. If you don’t, you are at risk of getting punished for the new owner’s reckless driving. The ultimate goal is to cancel your registration.

Why You Need to Do This

Furthermore, there are many reasons why it is of the upmost importance that you report your vehicle as no longer yours to the government. The new owner of the vehicle might get into a road accident.

It might be used as a getaway car during a bank robbery. Someone might use it as a weapon in an act of terrorism. The driver may violate traffic laws in any number of other ways.

Should one or all of these things happen, and the driver is caught, you will be held responsible. Furthermore, it will be a giant hassle for you to clear your name, and will include talking to the police and going to court. Your time is valuable, and this kind of mess will use up a lot of it.

You also stand to lose actual money as well. If the severity of the crimes committed by your vehicle is bad enough, you could end up with more than just fines. Jail time is a real possibility.

Reasons for Vehicle Licences to Be Cancelled

It happens all the time. A vehicle is just minding its own business and suddenly its licence is cancelled. But why? Well, for one, the owner might not be up to date as far as payments are concerned. Or the registration has been cancelled. It may turn out that the car in question wasn’t really just minding its own business, but was instead being used for joy riding and was subsequently written off in a crash.

How to Cancel the Registration of a Car in NSW

First of all, it is important that you follow the correct NSW transport procedures when doing this. You can cancel the registration of your car at any time.

Thus, just find out where the nearest service centre is in NSW, go there and cancel your registration like a pro.

Here are the things you will need. Of course, first and foremost you will need to have good proof of your identity. Otherwise you could be anyone. Bring along your car’s registration certificate. Get your hands on a cancellation of registration form. It is helpful if you can also remove the number plates and have them on you. If you are doing this because the car was in an accident, have the letter from the police or your insurance company. It will have the date of the accident on it.

Don’t forget to have the cancellation payment fee with you. Or at least in the bank.

What Info you Need to Complete Cancellation Form

  • Details for the Car

The engine number, the Chassis number, the year of manufacture, and the registration plate number.

  • Details for the Vendor

Your licence or customer number, along with your address, date of birth and the name of the buyer.

Follow the tips illustrated above and the whole process should run smoothly.

Need a helping hand?

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