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How to avoid common mistakes while scrapping your car?

July 12, 2017 no responses

If you are thinking of getting rid of an old rusty vehicle, then you would be glad to know that there is more to recycling it instead of simply dumping it in a landfill. Of course, recycling unwanted vehicles can be a great option than simply letting them transformed into an old clunker. In fact, you can make really good money by scrapping your car for parts and scrap steel metal.

According to a survey millions of unwanted vehicles are recycled every year in the auto recycling industry to produce adequate steel to manufacture about 13 million new vehicles. We have compiled a list of common mistakes that you should avoid when you approach a scrap yard to junk your old vehicle.

No documents of ownership proofs

Before you scrap your vehicle at a salvage yard or liquidate it. It is important to have ownership title in hand. Besides the ownership proof make sure to have all the other important paperwork to complete the sale process. This includes paperwork like a mechanic’s lien, sales receipt, affidavit of repossession or sales receipt.

In case if you have lost the ownership documents. Make sure to visit your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and request a new one. Also have a look at the scrap car prices to have a good idea about the amount money you can make out of your vehicle, while you gather all the important paperwork.

Agreeing to get paid at a later date

When you have completed and signed the documents of ownership transfer. You no longer hold the ownership of the vehicle. This is why, it is very important to receive your money before signing the ownership paperwork. Sometimes the buyer may have a valid reason for paying money at a later date, but generally you should get paid instantly. Never renounce your vehicle unless you have a written agreement in hand or you have been paid the full amount.

Removing your non-running vehicle to the salvage yards

If you intend to sell a vehicle that is in a good working state, you can drive it to the buyer’s lot and expedite the transaction process. Conversely, if you have a vehicle that is junk or inoperable, then there is no need to hire a tow service and pay to get it towed away to the dealer. As tow services usually charge hundreds of dollars for travelling even the shortest distance to collect a vehicle. Most of the salvage yard dealer’s offer free of cost towing services you can better look for such dealers because it’s more reasonable for your budget. Find out where to contact to get the fast scrap car removal in Sydney.

Selling a car that is still in a good running condition

If you simply want to upgrade your old vehicle which is still functional. There are many options you can consider other than just scrapping it. By scrapping a vehicle that is perfectly operable you may not be able to receive the highest possible worth. There are some services known as Cash for scrap cars that buy old and pre-owned automobiles that can still be driven on the road. In contrast to an auto dealer, these companies may offer you a more generous cash payment because of the lower repairing costs of putting the vehicle on the road.

This will not help you make more space in your garage. But you can also contribute to generating about 40% of the steel used in the manufacturing of other automobiles. However, make sure to avoid selling a car that still drives.

What are the benefits of environmentally friendly car disposal in Sydney?

January 27, 2017 no responses

With the rise in environmental friendly car disposal companies, people find it very fuss-free to sell their broken down vehicles for quick cash. These corporations have made the whole process of recycling a junk vehicle very fast, convenient and hassle-free. You will just have to provide them your auto’s basic description over telephone or through their simple online inquiry form.

Moreover, companies like Wreckmonster Vehicle Wreckers in Sydney, are established in nearly all regions of Sydney. So no matter where you live, you can easily get rid of your old clunker and make a fair cash out of it while saving the planet Earth.

The benefits of environmentally friendly vehicle disposal services

As we all know there are a lot of advantages of choosing car disposal services whose sole objective revolves around eradicating scrap vehicles for the sake of the environment. Best of all, at the end of the day, you will get instant cash for cars instead of a useless piece of junk taking up unnecessary space on your back or front lawn. Here have a look at some of the key advantages of choosing eco-friendly auto disposal services:


 Cold hard cash 

When your vehicle turn into an old piece of scrap or simply worn out due to excessive use. You might find it hard to sell. There are also websites where you may be able to find an enthusiastic car dealer or buyer who will be willing to buy it. But they will usually give you low-ball offers, which are often not worth the actual scrap value of the automobile. There are some positive advantages of Eco-Friendly Disposal in Sydney which should everyone be aware of.

This is where eco-friendly auto disposal services prove to be of great help. As they have experts who give precise cash quotes for broken automobiles, based on their scrap metal potential.


Quick and Safe Auto Disposal

Why dispose your junk car in Sydney? Keeping a worn-out or junk vehicle in your driveway or carport will depreciate its value even more and you will find it difficult to get a decent price for it. In fact, if you will procrastinate for a long time. Even scrap yards will barely give you a good cash for the scrap metal and components in it. They won’t even pay you for components such as the auto tyres, battery and glass pieces that can be still recycled easily.

But when dealing with scrap auto disposal outfits you can turn your old junker into best possible cash. The best part is that you won’t even have to leave your house, as they will send their auto specialists to collect the vehicle off your property as well as pay you instant cash for it.

Reduce pollution

These outfits ensure that all scrap automobiles are properly dismantled, recycled and disposed in an eco-friendly manner. After decommissioning vehicles they first pulled off its parts and then recycle them to reuse for different purposes. As for the rest of the damaged auto parts and body is disposed at an authorized dump site. This is an appropriate way to dump a vehicle without harming the environment and its surroundings.

On the other hand, if you will simply take the automobile to dumping site. It will be difficult to segregate some of its components like rubber items, electric wires, silicon boards etc.

Moreover, the vehicle could release toxic chemicals which could leak and damage the soil and later on the pollution the animal life.                                                                

Therefore, hiring an eco-friendly auto disposal services is not only valuable, but also a quick, efficient and effective way to turn your unwanted vehicle into cash.

How to Deal With the total damage accidental car?

December 12, 2016 no responses

Often people get concerned about their vehicle after they have been involved in a collision. Of course, they too might have suffered with some injuries, but what about their car?

If the accident occurred because of a third party fault, you might expect to get paid for the value of your vehicle through their insurance agency [if applicable]. But, if the accident was your mistake, then it can be difficult to get your car fixed unless you are not fully insured.

However, if you follow the guidelines given below, it will help you to deal with the insurance agency and get your damaged accidental vehicle repaired. In general, your insurance agency may follow their own procedures to handle your accidental vehicle.

accidental cars demo flyer

What is covered under insurance for damage cars?

If the accident was completely someone else’s mistake, you are qualified to get paid for any damage done to your vehicle and personal belongings that were in it at that time. For example, eyewear, clothing, sports equipment or any other personal belonging. But items that have been stolen or lost from your vehicle are not covered.

How I’ll get paid for the damages?

To recover your losses, you may have three sources given below-

Full accident coverage under your personal Auto insurance policy-

This is perhaps the most simple and quick way to get your car fixed. In this you will get paid for the losses under your own insurance policy, no matter by whom mistake the vehicle got damaged. If there are any deductible up front, you will be responsible for it. But in case the insurance company is repaid by the other party, the deductible will be repaid to you.

Liability coverage under the other person’s insurance-

If the defendant’s insurance agency accepts mistake in your collision, they will pay you a standard amount to repair your vehicle. However, insurance companies usually take days or even weeks to accept fault in a collision. So, you may not be able to get your vehicle fixed timings.

Uninsured Motorist Protection under your insurance-

If the person by whose fault the accident occurred is not identifiable or does not have any insurance coverage, you are protected under the uninsured motorist clause of your policy. But you may be liable for paying a deductible, depending on the type of collision.

How to get your car repaired?

If your vehicle is roadworthy

First, you should contact the other party’s insurance agency for the assessment of repairing your vehicle. Their representative will inspect your vehicle in person and then may ask you to take it to their company.

When you will get the assessment from the company, make sure to take your vehicle to the auto body shop for a second assessment. If the mechanic feels that your car won’t be fixed as estimated by the company, you can ask him to speak with the insurance adjuster on your behalf. After this, the company will issue you a check for the auto body shop to get your automobile fixed.

Some of the companies may even ask you to get assessment from 2-3 auto body shops. After comparing them, they will issue you a check with the lowest estimate.

If your vehicle is not-roadworthy

The insurance agency will send their representatives to assess your crashed automobile. After this they will issue you a check to repair it.

Have your car being written off and you are still driving it, then insurance company might reject your request straightaway. Check out how to deal with your written off car in Sydney.

If your car is sitting in a salvage yard or repair shop, make sure to immediately get it towed to a reputable auto repair center of your choice. As you may be liable to pay them storage fee.

What if the vehicle is “Totalled”?

If your automobile is damaged such that it is not repairable anymore. The insurance agency will first compare its fair market value before the accident with the assessed cost of repairs and pay you whichever amount is less.

Usually, if the automobile repairs are more than its actual worth before accident. That is a total loss. You may even explore the fair market value of your wheels yourself by going through the prices of similar makes and models listed for sale.

Generally, when an automobile is declared as a total loss, you have two choices-

1) Either you can accept the total loss value of the automobile less the scrap value and keep the rest of the cash for accidental car.

2)  You can accept the total loss and the scrap value of your automobile after handing it over to them. All you will need to do is sign the ownership papers and odometer reading statement. In order to allow the company to dispose the car, you will also have to sign the power of attorney.

How to turn your unwanted vehicle into Cash?

November 9, 2016 no responses

Do you have an old car that desperately needs selling? Maybe it’s not running due to expensive damage. Maybe it’s been in a terrible crash. Either way you need to have it disposed of correctly.

We here at Wreck Monster – The best place to sell your car in Sydney, know this and that is why we are the number one unwanted car buyers in Sydney. We buy old and unwanted cars regardless of their make, model or condition.


Instant Cash Payment

The process behind this is very simple and easy. It should be next to the word convenient in the dictionary. We have this down to a fine art. First you need to have it figured out that you really don’t want the vehicle in question. Usually the fact that it doesn’t run any more is a good enough reason for this.

The next step in this journey is calling us at 0478 682 103 or visiting our website and filling out the form. All you need on hand when doing this is all the info about the vehicle and what sort of condition it is in.

Free Cash Quote

When you tell us the make, model and condition the vehicle is in we will offer you a free cash quote, free of any obligation. At this point you can call other services and see if they can beat our price, and if they do we will happily match it.

After that we will send around a friendly team member to inspect the vehicle and then offer you a final figure. Once you are happy with that we will take the vehicle and you will have instant cash in the hand.

Free Pickup and Removal

Some companies that pay cash for unwanted cars will want you to transport the vehicle to their premises yourself, usually via tow truck. The crew will gladly do the job for you free of charge. We believe that the customer should be doing as little work as possible. We will even take care of all the paperwork for you. Find out the advantages of getting the free auto removals.

Help Recycle to Save the Environment

When a person leaves a vehicle lying around to rot, any and all the toxic chemicals that were in the vehicle will leach out into the soil. Proper disposal using a Cash for Cars Company will make sure this doesn’t happen.

As well as this, recycling cars means that all the energy resources that went into getting the raw materials to make it such as the steel and what not will not have to be used because the process of recycling will get those materials instead.

Call Wreck Monster in Sydney, NSW Today

So don’t leave that car lying around on your property a moment longer. Each day you procrastinate, your junk car depreciates in value a little bit more. Pick up the phone or get on the internet and contact us. You wallet, family and environment will thank you for it. Give us a call at 0478 682 103 and leave the rest on our crew.

Why dispose your junk car in Sydney?

October 17, 2016 no responses

Procrastination is not just like a bad habit, but even worse. In reality, it is a dreadful thing. People who procrastinate less, do not feel much of its effect on their lives. However, others who do it on regular basis evidently become its victims.

Now you may be wondering, what all this has to do with the correct disposal of junk automobiles. The reason is quite simple and clear. When it comes to selling a scrap car, it is obvious that you won’t be able to get good value for it due to its condition. But, if you keep on delaying the removal and disposal of your old clunker, you will apparently observe a more decline in its value.

Furthermore, this can become a major problem for you if you want to make good money out of it. If you are also one of these people, then going through our write-up, will really help you to understand the importance of disposing unwanted automobiles.


The Vehicle’s Paint Condition gets degraded by the Sunlight

If you have your scrap wheels parked on your back lawn, it will undergo the process of deterioration. This is because Sunlight accelerates the paint’s aging process which consequently decreases its monetary value. Most of the salvaged parts are the components of auto body which get affected by the weather making its condition even worse. These parts include doors, trunk, bonnet of the car etc. This will make it even more difficult to sell it for good cash.

On the other hand, if you decide to store your old clunker in the garage you will have to park outside your valuable vehicle that is currently in use. And, unfortunately your running vehicle will have to undergo the same process of deterioration.

So, it will be wise to scrap your car in Sydney and make good money out of it.

Selling a dead vehicle will get you money for the scrap

As we know that the moment we drive a brand new car home from a dealership, it starts depreciating. This is a never-ending process. Given this fact, the older the automobile the less value it has.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to make some cash out of it. Though not much, yet you will be able to make some money out of it due to its scrap metal potential. However, you will miss even this opportunity if you keep on delaying to sell your car. As we all know that Procrastinator always relies on “Tomorrow”.  

Tyres also get destructed by the weather conditions

For most of the car owners tyres are the indestructible component of an automobile. But, even they get worn-out with time and changing weather conditions. Tyre aging is a result of weather cracking, in which hairline cracks emerge inside walls. 

The worst part is that sunlight also accelerates Tyres aging process. So, if you have your junk wheels parked in your backyard which is obvious as your running wheels are taking up space in your garage, then your tyres will of course start wearing. This is another good reason for disposing the broken vehicle today rather than tomorrow.

We hope now you understand the importance of disposing the scrap wheels. So, if you are looking for the best place to sell your car in Sydney, stop procrastinating and sell it to Wreck Monster for the great value.

Hire a Car Wreckers in Penrith, Sydney

October 12, 2016 no responses

Do you have a scrap vehicle cluttering up your back yard and you are unable to sell it? Don’t worry! Get in touch with the leading Car Wreckers in Penrith called Wreck Monster, Sydney.

As we are the leading Car Wreckers in Penrith, we buy all vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, Utes, 4WDs and even SUV’s. We are best known for providing quick, free and stress-free removals all over Penrith region.


Paying Cash for Junk Cars from $100 – $5,999

At Wreck Monster, we shell out sweet cash up to $5,999 for all types of vehicles.  So, if you have any junk automobile, feel free to sell it to us.

Unwanted Auto Removals through Penrith

If you are worried that who will buy your unregistered or immobile old clunker for good cash, then don’t worry anymore. Our expert auto removal specialists offer speedy and timely pickup services in Penrith.

It doesn’t matter where you are located in Penrith, just give us a call. Our proficient towers will haul away your vehicle within no time.

Your Local Auto Parts Specialists

At Car Wreckers Penrith, we stock a giant inventory of used auto parts for all types of vehicles of any brand. All our parts are pre-tested and also come with a limited warranty.

Need a part for your automobile? Visit our locally owned scrap yard or simply get in touch with our friendly staff members.

Free Cash Quotes for Your Scrap vehicles

Want to finally get rid of your old vehicle? But, then you might be wondering about how much you will get for it.

Don’t worry! When you will deal with us, you can easily request free and instant no obligation cash quote.

Contact Your Local Salvage yard in Penrith, Sydney, NSW

Interested in enjoying our reliable services? Contact us now.

Handling your call or online inquiries are our first serve priorities.

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Are You Scrapping Your Car in Sydney?

October 6, 2016 no responses

A wonderful send off to a vehicle that has served you well over the years, driving you from point A in Sydney to point B, is to have it recycled. It’s what your car would have wanted. Once you have made the common sense decision to scrap your vehicle at a reputable junk car removal company, you need to decide which one is right for you.

If, on the other hand, you have decided to simply abandon the car on some random street in your area, you are not only breaking the law, but you are missing out on making some money. Don’t do that. Dismantle it if you got the expertise. Do you know how to dismantle a car?



Have a look at all the different car removal services that are out there. There are plenty, but they are not all equal. How do you sort the diamond form all the rough? Sifting through the dirt looking for the metaphorical flower can be difficult if you don’t know what you are looking for.

One place to start looking is the internet. Just type the relevant key phrase and all the cash for cars companies will appear in your browser. It is at this moment you spare a thought for how amazing technology is now, allowing us to get access to this information at the click of a mouse button. What a time we are living in.

Compare Quotes

Call all the different companies who provide scrap auto removal for cash, and get cash quotes from them. If they charge for the quote, tell them “no thank you” and continue your search. Any place that does not give free no obligation quotes cannot be trusted to place a value on your vehicle that is fair. Waste none of your valuable time on these people.

Make sure you give each representative you contact a thoroughly detailed description of the car in question, and give the exact same description to each one so the results will be scientifically sound. They will want to know the make, model, year and what kind of condition it is in. The condition is the most important aspect that they will focus on. As they will make money on the parts that they can salvage. Knowing the other details will give them enough to know what kind of ballpark the amount of recyclable materials there is.

Get the best price

Finally, the company that offers the most money will be the company to sell to. Make sure that they also provide the service of free removal or pickup. If the car is running you could drive it to their place of business. You would have to catch a bus back. Or a taxi. But that is the point of a free pick up of unwanted cars. You don’t have to do anything, as they come to your place and inspect the vehicle there. Just find out the best place to sell your car in Sydney.

Once they inspect the vehicle you will be payed that sweet cold hard cash that makes this whole process worth the time. It is the simple, quick and convenient way to dispose of your vehicle.

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