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How much would I get for my old truck in Sydney?

December 18, 2017 no responses

There comes a time when business owners feel the need to sell their old 4×4 trucks because of various reasons. It might be just too old to be used on the road or maybe it needs a lot of major repairs to be working properly. But in either condition, it may be risky to drive a deteriorated vehicle on the road.

When you are in such a situation, you may think of towing your unwanted vehicle a scrap yard, donate it, or sell it to a 4WD truck buying company. But whatever option you choose you will want to earn the best money out of your automobile even if it is an old clunker. As a result, you might be curious to know that how much money you can really get for your old truck.

Here we have listed some of the things that can increase or decrease the value of your 4×4 truck.

Market trends

The market demand of a specific kind of commercial vehicle highly affects its price. For instance, the auto removal industry is witnessing a huge growth currently. So, the people who want to include their business in this growing industry will need a fleet of high quality pickup trucks. You can use this opportunity for your benefit and do your research and understand about the ongoing market trends. If your old trucks show good demand in the market, then it would be best to sell them for a relatively good price.


The demand for certain truck brands vary from one place to another. For example, there are certain locations where trucks of some particular brands hold great demand. For instance, in Australia the truck models of Volvo, Isuzu, Hino and Kenworth hold good demand. Therefore, if your old or used vehicle also belongs to one those brands, you can expect to get a reasonable price for it in comparison to other brands.

Condition of your Truck

Of course, all the scrap truck buyers will consider the current condition of your vehicle to decide an accurate price for it. They will check if it your used vehicle is still safely driveable or not. If your automobile is a complete scrap, then they will look for parts and components that are recyclable. All these factors help in deciding the rightful price for your old clunker.

Current price of scrap metal

If you want to sell your damaged truck for a good amount of cash, it is important to check the current price of scrap metal. This will help you to get a good price for the useful metals and scrap parts of your vehicle. If the scrap metal prices are currently down, it means that the supply of scrap metal will be high. Thus, you won’t be able to get a good pay out for your rusty commercial automobile.

Ultimately, there are a lot of factors that will influence the price of your automobile. Therefore, it is always good to do your research and prepare your automobile before selling it.

When is the best time to sell my truck in Sydney?

August 14, 2017 no responses

It is commonly said that the most useful vehicle that you can buy is a truck. If you want to successfully complete any kind of industrial operation, you need trucks in order to do so.

For this reason, truck types have broadened to include many different variations. This includes such greats as the tipper, the flat bed, the box body, the container and so forth. They all have unique functions that they are used for, like transportation of vehicles, livestock, materials used in construction, and many more.

However, no matter how useful a truck is, this won’t prove to be a barrier against the ravages of time. In fact, the more useful they are, the more they are used, and the more wear and tear accumulates over the years. Eventually, multiple parts and mechanisms will fall into disrepair, and the price of fixing multiple problems will be more than the value of a new truck.

Here are some of the red flags that will alert you to a truck being ready for disposal.

Your truck is costing more and more money to keep running

This sign is intimately related to the above red flag. You have been driving your truck for so many years that it can no longer handle the workload that you are inflicting upon it, and as a result the internal parts and systems are beginning to break down more and more often. You will be finding your truck needs to be repaired on a regular basis, costing you a lot of money as a result.

The troubles your truck is impacting your business

When you have a business, and you have trucks that are integral to the smooth running of said business. Having it break down all the time will spell trouble. Deliveries won’t get to their destination on time, and this will cost you money. The worst thing you could do at this point is to just leave it and continue getting the truck fixed, instead of selling it to a wrecking yard and getting a new one.

Your truck no longer serves its purpose

If your truck has a job that needs to be done. And it is instead spending all its time at the mechanics getting fixed. You will be understandably upset. Get rid of it. Kick it to the metaphorical curb by selling it to your local cash for cars company or wrecking yard. You will be much better off. Check out all about truck wreckers in Sydney.

Your truck is breaking down more frequently

This is a sign that your truck’s age is beginning to compromise its ability to perform its duties properly. Breaking down frequently means that your truck has been on the road so much that it has built up an ever growing amount of wear and tear. This might have even caused you to have a few accidents. As a result of your truck breaking down in the middle of the road. If this is the situation you find yourself in, it is a pretty sure bet that your truck is on its last legs.

How to Get a Commercial Truck Sold Within an Hour in Sydney

April 23, 2017 no responses

Do you have a serious aversion to the vehicle selling process? Sure, some people love it, and some even make a hobby from it. But there is the odd person who really can’t stand it. In fact, more than the odd person. A lot of people would much prefer to be doing something else. The good news for these people is that there is a solution to this problem.

There is a kind of company known as the Cash for Car Company. They also go by other names, such as auto removal companies, and vehicle wreckers. In Sydney, we here at Wreck Monster are the leading such company. We provide a means of selling old, unwanted and used cars, trucks, SUV’s, 4×4’s and vans via a process that is the very definition of convenience.


Top Cash for Vehicles of Any Condition

As a prominent commercial truck wreckers in Sydney, there is no level of disrepair that will inspire us to reject a vehicle. It doesn’t matter whether your truck or 4×4 is totalled, ruined, non-road-worthy, half eaten by rust or brand new. We will gladly take it off your hands and pay you the most that it will possibly get. $100 to $15000 is the range of amounts that you could possibly get depending on the make, model or condition of your vehicle. Basically, the actual quotation can be prepared after doing the 20-25 minute assessment. On the phone, we can give you ballpark figures based on the current market price.

This is undiluted convenience. You don’t have to advertise, you don’t have to vet prospective customers, and you don’t have to clean your vehicle up for presentation purposes. Sell your truck for free because to find us, you don’t need to go through this process.

Here is How the Process Works

On our website we have a form that you can fill out. Or you can call us at 0423 352 551. Give us the make, model and age of your car and we will give you a free quote. Then, once you agree on that we come to your place or where ever the car is situated and inspect the vehicle to come to a final offer which you then agree with, after which we pay you on the spot. Then we remove the vehicle at no cost to you, the customer. You only have to sign a bit of paperwork and the deal is done. It really is that simple. More detailed information will help us to offer you the best price.

The Easiest Way to Sell a Vehicle

This is becoming the most popular way to sell a car because you don’t have to lift a finger and we do all the hard yards. So if you are currently dealing with owning a junk vehicle that needs urgent disposal, call us and say goodbye to that clunker and hello to top cash. We proudly propose you the best place to sell your car in Sydney, NSW.

All about Truck Wreckers in Sydney, NSW

September 29, 2016 no responses

Are you holding a salvaged, unwanted or commercial Truck in Sydney, NSW? Don’t wait anymore!

At Wreckers Monster – Truck wreckers in Sydney, NSW buys and remove all sizes, heavy-duty vehicles and commercial trucks. We provide quick, hassle-free truck pickup services and also pay unbeatable cash for it. When you will deal with us, you will experience top-rated removal services in Sydney. Our removal services extend to all over Sydney, including Greenacre, Baulkham Hills, Ultimo, Penrith, Richmond, Parramatta, Campbelltown, Liverpool and Blacktown NSW.


Being the leading Truck Wreckers in Sydney, NSW, we perform truck removals at no extra cost and ensure instant cash payment at the doorsteps before removal. We deal in all types of commercial Trucks irrespective of their year, make, model, brand and condition. If you own a damaged, unwanted, scrapped, salvaged or even worse (running or not running), you can sell it to us. Our authentic and reliable removal specialists will haul away your truck or fleet of Trucks within 24 hours or as early as possible.

We buy and remove various Trucks of following brands-

Mitsubishi, DAF, Man, Peterbilt, Volvo, Isuzu, Mercedes Benz, Hino, International, Mack, Ford, Freightliner, Kenworth, Mazda, Autocar and many others.

Also, if you have any confusion regarding the worth of your commercial truck, our professional Truck valuation specialists will do a quick assessment for you.

About Truck Dismantlers

At Commercial Wreckers Sydney, you will get top-notch and best standard Truck spare parts or components at affordable prices. We stock a huge range of pre-tested and guaranteed second hand truck parts. Our well-trained and passionate Dismantlers wreck all types of heavy-duty Trucks of all makes and models.

We wreck most makes of-

Mercedes, Nissan, Hino, Mitsubishi Fuso, Mazda, Titan, Seddon, Scania, ERF, Leyland, Daf, Renault, Diesel, Isuzu Forward, Mitsubishi Canter, Toyota Dyna and many more.

Trucks removal procedure

Want to finally get rid of your scrapped or unwanted Commercial Truck? Get in touch with Truck Wreckers, Sydney. We remove all types of Trucks for heaps of cash.

What actually happens is, our professional Wreckers extract all the scrap metal from junk trucks. After this they sell them to manufacturing industries which are largely dependent on scrap metals in order to boost their economy. So, don’t think that your old Truck is worthless. If you know the right place to sell it, you can make good money out of it.

Our Truck removal procedure is very simple, just contact us and leave all essential details of your Trucks with us. After this we will offer you a quotation. If you feel happy with our offer, one of our expert removal specialists will remove your truck without any hidden charges.


Second hand Truck parts and Accessories

Are you in need of Top quality Truck spare parts, but are not able to afford a new one? If yes, then call us now and book your second hand spare Truck part at a reasonable price.

We provide recycled and pre-checked truck spare parts and accessories for all types of commercial trucks. You can also visit our huge junk yard to pick your desired second hand truck part. One of our friendly Auto wrecker specialists will be glad to assist you in choosing an auto part you desire.

Truck Recycling and Disposal Process

After serving the automotive needs of customers in Sydney for more than a decade, we have gained great expertise in this business. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded. Our fervent Auto Dismantlers not only recycle useable components, but also dispose scrap and useless auto parts responsibly. This way, they also reduce the hazardous impact of junk vehicles on planet earth and its surroundings. 

Check out NSW Wreckers Locations @ Wreckmonster now.

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