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How to Deal With the total damage accidental car?

Often people get concerned about their vehicle after they have been involved in a collision. Of course, they too might have suffered with some injuries, but what about their car?

If the accident occurred because of a third party fault, you might expect to get paid for the value of your vehicle through their insurance agency [if applicable]. But, if the accident was your mistake, then it can be difficult to get your car fixed unless you are not fully insured.

However, if you follow the guidelines given below, it will help you to deal with the insurance agency and get your damaged accidental vehicle repaired. In general, your insurance agency may follow their own procedures to handle your accidental vehicle.

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What is covered under insurance for damage cars?

If the accident was completely someone else’s mistake, you are qualified to get paid for any damage done to your vehicle and personal belongings that were in it at that time. For example, eyewear, clothing, sports equipment or any other personal belonging. But items that have been stolen or lost from your vehicle are not covered.

How I’ll get paid for the damages?

To recover your losses, you may have three sources given below-

Full accident coverage under your personal Auto insurance policy-

This is perhaps the most simple and quick way to get your car fixed. In this you will get paid for the losses under your own insurance policy, no matter by whom mistake the vehicle got damaged. If there are any deductible up front, you will be responsible for it. But in case the insurance company is repaid by the other party, the deductible will be repaid to you.

Liability coverage under the other person’s insurance-

If the defendant’s insurance agency accepts mistake in your collision, they will pay you a standard amount to repair your vehicle. However, insurance companies usually take days or even weeks to accept fault in a collision. So, you may not be able to get your vehicle fixed timings.

Uninsured Motorist Protection under your insurance-

If the person by whose fault the accident occurred is not identifiable or does not have any insurance coverage, you are protected under the uninsured motorist clause of your policy. But you may be liable for paying a deductible, depending on the type of collision.

How to get your car repaired?

If your vehicle is roadworthy

First, you should contact the other party’s insurance agency for the assessment of repairing your vehicle. Their representative will inspect your vehicle in person and then may ask you to take it to their company.

When you will get the assessment from the company, make sure to take your vehicle to the auto body shop for a second assessment. If the mechanic feels that your car won’t be fixed as estimated by the company, you can ask him to speak with the insurance adjuster on your behalf. After this, the company will issue you a check for the auto body shop to get your automobile fixed.

Some of the companies may even ask you to get assessment from 2-3 auto body shops. After comparing them, they will issue you a check with the lowest estimate.

If your vehicle is not-roadworthy

The insurance agency will send their representatives to assess your crashed automobile. After this they will issue you a check to repair it.

Have your car being written off and you are still driving it, then insurance company might reject your request straightaway. Check out how to deal with your written off car in Sydney.

If your car is sitting in a salvage yard or repair shop, make sure to immediately get it towed to a reputable auto repair center of your choice. As you may be liable to pay them storage fee.

What if the vehicle is “Totalled”?

If your automobile is damaged such that it is not repairable anymore. The insurance agency will first compare its fair market value before the accident with the assessed cost of repairs and pay you whichever amount is less.

Usually, if the automobile repairs are more than its actual worth before accident. That is a total loss. You may even explore the fair market value of your wheels yourself by going through the prices of similar makes and models listed for sale.

Generally, when an automobile is declared as a total loss, you have two choices-

1) Either you can accept the total loss value of the automobile less the scrap value and keep the rest of the cash for accidental car.

2)  You can accept the total loss and the scrap value of your automobile after handing it over to them. All you will need to do is sign the ownership papers and odometer reading statement. In order to allow the company to dispose the car, you will also have to sign the power of attorney.

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