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How to dismantle a car?

Today vehicle dismantling is an important part of the industry, which is increasingly growing. People can recycle their old vehicle even if it is at the last stage of its useful life. Nearly 80% of an automobile whether wrecked or junk can be recycled and reused in second hand auto market. This saves a lot of money to people who are looking to replace expensive or some major components of their automobiles.


So, if you own a vehicle that doesn’t run due to any reason, it doesn’t mean that you can consider it as useless trash. There are a great many ways through which you can deal with your scrap vehicle safely and earn money out of it. The most lucrative option is to strip it off efficiently so you can sell those parts at reasonable prices. If you don’t have the valuable expertise to do it yourself, you can seek help from professional auto breakers. Taking a car apart is fortunately not much difficult to take a car apart. Although it can take time and heavy labour, but the whole process is very straightforward. Here are some easy steps to dismantle your old car.

Remove all the hoses and ducts

The first and foremost step is to remove all the wires and ducts. While doing this there should be no power, as you will also need to disconnect the battery.  After this use a sharp knife to disconnect each and every wire and pipe from the engine. Next, drain out all the fluids in the automobiles. This includes draining the hydraulic fluids, diesel fuel, transmission fluids and coolant. If you wish you can store these fluids in well-sealed containers for later use.

Pull out the engine

Use an engine life and connect it to the engine jack. It will help you easily take the engine off the vehicle. Make sure that you unbolt the mounts completely so you can easily lift up the engine. Either way you can also break it into pieces and sell it bit by bit. But if the engine is running well, make sure to keep it separately.

Sort out all of the auto spare parts

If your important auto parts like alternator, radiator, and starter are not working properly, don’t panic. You can get best used car parts inventory online. This option will help you fetch highest money from this option.

Remove the tyres

These days there are numerous dealerships that buy used and even damaged tyres. You can remove it at any time as you require. They will reuse it for a variety of purposes. After taking out the tyres make sure to lift the automobile off the ground. Make sure to have the essential equipment like drums, brake pads, etc.

Wreck it for pieces

After you have pulled out all pulling major usable components. They will not able to put them apart all major useful automobile make sure to crush it into pieces. However, this process requires the right use of hammers, screwdrivers, and crowbars. Just take out the parts like fenders, doors, and roofs. You can sell these parts to the junk yard if they are in good condition.

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