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How do People Benefit from Junk Car Salvaging?

The decision to sell your once-trusty junk car to your local salvage yard is a hard one to make. However, it will probably turn out to be the correct choice. What’s more, you will be helping out a few different folk. If you are currently in ownership of a set of wheels that is in an advanced state of disrepair, and can’t be driven, here are some of the people who will benefit from you selling it to your local salvage yard.

Number one: You

The first and most important (to you, anyway) person to find this transaction advantageous is you. You won’t get enough money to retire on, and in fact you stand to make a few hundred dollars at the most. It is a junk vehicle you are selling, after all. There is a likelihood that you could get much more, but it is small.

However much you get, it will be more than the mere value of its weight in steel. This is due to the fact that it will probably have plenty of parts on it that can be sold second hand. The folk at the salvage yard will therefore be making more on the car than they would if they were to only sell it as scrap metal.

Number two: Your Neighbours

When one has a scrap car, where do they keep it? Often times, they can’t keep it in their garage. That is where they will want to store the vehicle that they are using, so that it doesn’t fall victim to the elements when not in use. It is more likely to be either sitting on the driveway, or taking up space on the lawn.

This will make your whole property look bad. Anyone living in the house will be embarrassed. Your neighbours will not enjoy the fact that the price of their house may be driven down by the eyesore quality of your junk car. Getting rid of it by selling it to the salvage yard will make them very happy.

Number Three: The Environment

Salvaging a car involves having it recycled. When steel is recycled, it means that less steel needs to be mined as the demand is reduced. This is great for the environment in a few ways. One of them is the fact that mining produces pollution. It causes erosion, it contaminates the surrounding soil, and the mining process uses chemicals that get into groundwater. Simply recycling steel produces none of these problems.

Another way that it is great is the fact that mining also produces greenhouse gasses. Carbon dioxide is one of these, and the worst. Greenhouse gasses trap heat in the atmosphere, and this is making the planet’s average temperature increase over time. It is a threat to future generations. Recycling steel uses a fraction of the energy resources than mining does, meaning that it releases less carbon dioxide.

Salvaging a car also makes sure that the chemicals in it aren’t being slowly released into the atmosphere and the ground as the vehicle slowly rusts away.

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