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Difference between manual and automatic transmission

When shopping for a new or used car most people commonly think about a few common aspects. They are the make, model and the cost of the vehicle. However, these attributes are not the only important thing that must be considered at the time of purchase. There are a number of other important aspects than looking at the appearance and price of the automobile. There are crucial specifications like the transmission which play a more valuable role than other auto body components and accessories.

The major source of power in a vehicle is the battery and engine. But it is the transmission which enables it to accelerate smoothly. There are various types of auto transmissions manufactured all over the world. The most common ones are Manual and Automatic transmissions. They operate by when the driver shifts the gears in the engine. This process transfers the required power to the wheels and the vehicle is able to run smoothly. There is a particular ratio for every gear which prevents the wheel from spinning together with the engine. 

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Manual and Automatic transmissions have a widely different set of attributes. There vast difference between the two in terms of characteristics like accident ratio, design and performance. That’s why every auto owner must ensure to buy a transmission system that is perfectly suitable for their automobile. Before you sign the necessary paperwork make sure to check the spec suits your vehicle’s requirements.

Driving Differences

When driving an automobile with manual transmission most people change 5 gears. The first gear is shifted slowly while the fifth is shifted very quickly. When changing the gear you have to also use the clutch. On the other hand, automatic transmissions have two gears. After you apply the first gear your automobile will slowly start moving at low speed.

When it comes to an automatic transmission one can use it in a hassle-free way. All you have to do is just focus on the steering wheel and gas pedal. It is not a good idea to use manual transmission if you want to avoid troubles. It is because using manual one takes proper coordination of throttle, gears and clutch. This provides smooth rides to the auto owner.

Accident Ratio

According to a recent survey, people having a manual car often get involved in road accidents. Authorities stated that the common reason for this is lack of coordination in the gears, throttle and clutch. It leads to the failure of the engine and drives become the victim of accidents. There is no need to spend much money to improve the performance of the vehicle though. Just make sure to check your transmission from time to time. If you find any fault get it repaired or replaced quickly.


When it comes to driving experience there is a difference in both the transmission types. If you want a better control on your automobile use manual transmission. Whereas, if you live in an area with heavy traffic on the roads automatic vehicle will be ideal option. It can be troublesome if you have to drive through heavy traffic with a manual automobile. Additionally, it is challenging to drive an automatic vehicle on rough roads.

Overall, the cost of purchasing, fixing and maintaining a manual vehicle is usually much less in contrast to automatic one. Plus it offers an improved gas mileage than automatic counterpart. Hence, we can say that it is highly efficient. However, if you are travelling in an automatic car you can easily prevent accidents.

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