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How to sell your car for recycling in Sydney

If your car has reached such a state of disrepair that the cost of fixing it could buy you a replacement vehicle instead, you would be better off selling to a cash for cars service.

They will pay you top money, before taking the vehicle to their site and recycling it for the good of the environment. If you live in Sydney, you will have no trouble finding a good car wrecking company. The good ones like Wreck Monster will not charge you a dime for the removal of your vehicle either. We cover the entire NSW, including Richmond, Parramatta, Penrith, Baulkham Hills, Blacktown, Liverpool, Ultimo, Campbelltown & Greenacre.

We provide the community with a means for people to sell your junk cars. This is important seeing as junk automobiles would be very hard to get rid of otherwise.

When it comes to recycling, we follow strict guidelines put in place by environmental agencies to make sure that the wrecking process doesn’t harm the planet in any way. This is on top of the fact that we will buy your vehicle off you within the same day. Which makes this the quickest way to sell your unwanted car, whether it is used, old or unwanted.

A Great Cash Incentive for Selling your Junk Car in Sydney

Of course, the biggest detail that makes this such an attractive method for scrap auto owners is the money that can be made. If you have a vehicle that has for some reason entered its junk stage, this doesn’t mean it is now completely worthless. There will almost definitely be some auto spare parts on it that can be salvaged. At the very least there will be plenty of steel that will be worth money on it. A good auto dismantling company like Wreck Monster will extract these parts and materials using specialised tools. Then we will sell them, making money.

And, of course, a good amount of that money will be yours. That is because we will purchase your scrap vehicle off you before we salvage the parts.

Sell to your Local Cash for Cars Sydney Company

You may be thinking that if you could just salvage the parts yourself you can get all the money. This would be true if you had a salvage yard with all the space needed in order to do this.

You also require all the specialist tools, as well as the know-how, skills, expertise and experience to be able to do this without wrecking any of the parts that you are trying to save. The likelihood is that you don’t have these things, and if this is the case, your best option is to sell your car to someone that does.

All you need to do is contact us, tell us the make, model, age and condition of the car. Then we will give you a quote. If you accept it, we will send someone over to look at the vehicle, make a final offer, and pay you cash on the spot. After that we will remove the vehicle from your property free of charge!

Free Up Space on your Property

Last but not least, one more great reason for selling your unwanted vehicle to a cash for cars service is the fact that you will be freeing up space on your property. So don’t delay any further, and sell your junk car to Wreck Monster in Sydney today.

At Wreck Monster, we cut the cost of car removal in Sydney and create the whole process easier for our customers.

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