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Selling a car in Sydney that no longer runs

In the case of a vehicle that has stopped working, and repairing it will cost you an arm and a leg, what do you do? Cars that fit that description are usually referred to as clunkers, or “junk vehicles”. Some folk prefer the word scrap over junk, but that is just splitting hairs at this point. Anyway, there are a few different options out there, but realistically you won’t have the tools or skills to disassemble an automobile and sell the parts off piece by piece. You could try to sell it privately to someone who can do that, but it will be a struggle. And it will take ages.

You won’t want to tow it to a wrecking yard as it costs money and they will require you to get the vehicle ready first. This involves draining fluids and removing the tyres. They probably won’t even pay you much, if anything, for it. The best option, by far, for anyone wanting to rid themselves of a junk vehicle, is selling it to a cash for cars-company. They will buy the vehicle off you and remove it from your property free of charge.


Do you need paperwork to scrap a car?

If you have decided to sell your junk vehicle to a cash for cars company in Sydney, the title of ownership, photo ID and registration are all that is needed from your end. You are also well advised to make sure that you can sign a sales contract.

Determining how much a car is worth

When a cash for junk car companies goes about figuring out how much a vehicle of any kind is worth, they will take into account a few different points of information. One of them is how much the car weighs. This is because they will be salvaging the steel and other forms of scrap metal in and on the automobile in question. If there are precious metals under the hood, this can influence the value as well.

Other factors are the age, condition, make, model and odometer reading. The condition affects the value of a car because parts that are in good condition won’t need reconditioning. If you want to know how much your junk car is worth ahead of any sale to a cash for scrap car company, you can get a quote from them. Make sure that the company you have chosen keeps their fingers on the pulse of scrap metal prices. They tend to fluctuate.

Determining whether a company is legit

You will want to do business with a company that is legitimate. It is just making sure that all their services are completed to the upmost of professionalism. So do a spot of research and find out whether they are fully licensed, insured, and has a phone number and address on their website.

How long does it take?

Different companies will have different levels of speed. And the amount of time that their services take to execute will also depend on how far you are from them geographically. Some give quotes over the phone or online. Others arrange a time to come over and inspect the vehicle before offering a price quote. It normally takes less than 24 hours, though.

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