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Top 5 reasons to sell your car to Wreck Monster

When folk need their old cars hauled off from their homes, the reasons for why cover a wide range. Maybe the car has gotten very old and has succumbed to wear and tear, or maybe it has been in an accident. Whatever the reason is, we here at Wreck Monster are here to buy the vehicle off you. And the whole process of selling to us happens to be the easiest in all of Sydney, NSW. You won’t have to lift a single finger, or experience an ounce of stress. But that isn’t all.

In addition, here are five more great reasons to sell your car to Wreck Monster:


Top money to be made – Premier cash for car

If your car is a bit of a wreck, and you are under the impression that it is therefore worthless, you would be wrong. Your vehicle is worth money. It doesn’t matter if it is a junk automobile. There will be materials and components on it that are worth money. Even if it is only the scrap steel. We will evaluate the how much your car is worth and pay you the most amount of money that it can get. If it isn’t junk, it can get up to $9999.

Car removal, free of charge

In addition, seeing as we often buy junk cars that aren’t safe to drive on the road, or just plain isn’t running, we here at Wreck Monster are proud to perform free removal services. This means that you can put away those yellow pages looking for a local tow truck, as we have all the equipment needed to haul a vehicle away. You won’t need to pay a dime, or lift a finger.

No stress or hassle involved

Anyone who has ever sold a car can tell you about all the assorted hoops they have to jump through before the vehicle in question is sold. The machine itself has to be cleaned, serviced, fixed and vacuumed. You have to take pictures, write ads, pay for ad space on various websites and advertise on social media. Then there are all the customer interactions that you are required to make before someone finally decides they want to buy the vehicle. But only after negotiating the price down from its proper price. Here for Wreck Monster we eliminate all of that rigmarole. All you need to do is call us and provide us with some info and the rest is taken care by us.

Environmentally friendly car recycling

We make sure that we recycle all the components of a vehicle in the most environmentally way possible. We follow the strictest guidelines that have been formulated by environmental agencies. Any and all toxic elements are disposed of correctly or recycled. The planet is a better place because of folk like us.

Lightning fast speeds – Sell your car fast

When you get in touch with Wreck Monster to sell your car to them. You will be about to experience the speediest auto removal service in all the land. We will get your vehicle removed from your property on the same day that you contact us. You can rely on us here at Wreck Monster to provide a service that is prompt, efficient and without any mucking about. Simply contact us via phone or online via the free quote form on our website.

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