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Sell Your Engine Damaged Car in Sydney Using this Easy Method!

So, you have an incredibly old car that has seen much better days. It is on your driveway, or perhaps your lawn, or maybe it is in your garage with the hood permanently up. The likelihood of it ever being driven again has shrunk all the way to zero. All because the head gasket blew, and now the engine is totally ruined.

Perhaps you have a strong personal bond with this vehicle. Maybe you harbour dreams of having the engine repaired so you can take it back on the road, where it can relive its former glory. But it is so old that if it was still in working condition, the amount of money it would be worth is exceeded by the cost that repairing the engine would inflict on your bank account. Having an engine repaired is an infamously expensive job. The real solution here is to bite the bullet and get rid of the car!

How to Sell a Scrap Car Successfully

People often fall into the trap of believing that their vehicle is worthless once it enters the scrap phase of its existence. But they are dead wrong. Here at WreckMonster, we find the value in scrap cars. We see their potential, and will pay anyone who offers us money for them so we can plunder them for their treasure.

If your car only has a blown engine, there will still be so many other components on it that are not broken. The doors will still be use-able. The seats may still be perfectly okay for re-use in another vehicle. We will take the car apart and sell all the parts that are still in good condition. The parts that aren’t, we will sell to companies that recycle those materials.

How to Sell Your Car to us

So, how do you sell your engine damaged car to us? It is easy. Here at WreckMonster, we believe in giving people free quotes if they contact us asking for one. You can either contact us online or over the phone, the choice is yours. All you need to do is call us up at 0401 333 393 or you can fill out the form that is located on our website’s main page. We just need to know a few simple details in order to provide you with an offer. The make, model, age and condition that the vehicle is in.

It doesn’t matter whether your vehicle is a popular brand, or a less well known one. It doesn’t matter if the vehicle in question is so damaged that none of the parts can be re-used. We will buy it regardless of these facts.

Free Removal

The cherry on the top of our amazing cash for cars-service is our free removal one. We will not charge you a cent, nor will we hide the cost by offering you less money for your car than we would otherwise offer if there were no removal costs to speak of. So, contact us today and get top cash for your car!

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