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How to turn your unwanted vehicle into Cash?

Do you have an old car that desperately needs selling? Maybe it’s not running due to expensive damage. Maybe it’s been in a terrible crash. Either way you need to have it disposed of correctly.

We here at Wreck Monster – The best place to sell your car in Sydney, know this and that is why we are the number one unwanted car buyers in Sydney. We buy old and unwanted cars regardless of their make, model or condition.


Instant Cash Payment

The process behind this is very simple and easy. It should be next to the word convenient in the dictionary. We have this down to a fine art. First you need to have it figured out that you really don’t want the vehicle in question. Usually the fact that it doesn’t run any more is a good enough reason for this.

The next step in this journey is calling us at 0478 682 103 or visiting our website and filling out the form. All you need on hand when doing this is all the info about the vehicle and what sort of condition it is in.

Free Cash Quote

When you tell us the make, model and condition the vehicle is in we will offer you a free cash quote, free of any obligation. At this point you can call other services and see if they can beat our price, and if they do we will happily match it.

After that we will send around a friendly team member to inspect the vehicle and then offer you a final figure. Once you are happy with that we will take the vehicle and you will have instant cash in the hand.

Free Pickup and Removal

Some companies that pay cash for unwanted cars will want you to transport the vehicle to their premises yourself, usually via tow truck. The crew will gladly do the job for you free of charge. We believe that the customer should be doing as little work as possible. We will even take care of all the paperwork for you. Find out the advantages of getting the free auto removals.

Help Recycle to Save the Environment

When a person leaves a vehicle lying around to rot, any and all the toxic chemicals that were in the vehicle will leach out into the soil. Proper disposal using a Cash for Cars Company will make sure this doesn’t happen.

As well as this, recycling cars means that all the energy resources that went into getting the raw materials to make it such as the steel and what not will not have to be used because the process of recycling will get those materials instead.

Call Wreck Monster in Sydney, NSW Today

So don’t leave that car lying around on your property a moment longer. Each day you procrastinate, your junk car depreciates in value a little bit more. Pick up the phone or get on the internet and contact us. You wallet, family and environment will thank you for it. Give us a call at 0478 682 103 and leave the rest on our crew.

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