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/ Used Car Batteries Sydney

Used Car Batteries Sydney

(Last Modified on: August 13, 2018)


Are you looking for an affordable option to get your car battery replaced? WreckMonster can help you to get one tailored to your vehicle requirements. All you need to provide us with your vehicle’s VIN number. Give us a call @ 0401 333 393 or fill an online quote form on our website.

Save Money Buying Cheap Car Battery Prices

It is always a good idea to save money on anything and everything you possibly can. All the little amounts you save add up, and ultimately make life easier in the long run. This rule applies to everything, even car batteries. They may not be the most expensive items to buy, but it is still good to be able to save money by getting an affordable one.

It can be a bit difficult getting the correct car battery for your needs due to the wide range of brands. And each individual make of car battery will have a slightly different price attached to it. You will be doing yourself a huge favour by gathering helpful knowledge for yourself to make the mission of buying a car battery easier.

Affordable Second Hand Car Batteries Sydney

Here at Wreckmonster, we invite you to consider buying affordable car batteries from us. We have free replacement warranties on them and they are all of the most impeccable quality. Of course, the best detail pertaining to our car batteries is the fact that they are so affordable. That is just one of the good things about our second hand batteries that makes them so well worth buying.

If you come to our salvage yard to buy a used battery, we can also install it for you. Professional installation of a battery is the best way to have a battery installed. If you install it yourself with no experience or knowledge of what you are doing, you can damage the battery.

High Quality Reconditioned Car Batteries

When it comes to batteries that have been previously owned and used, there is one thing you should always look out for. This is whether or not the battery in question has been left to sit for too long. Because when this happens, batteries can leak. However, you don’t have to have that concern when buying batteries from us here at King Auto. The reason for that is we take good care of the batteries we have, and when one gets too old we immediately get rid of it.

The batteries we have in stock are only the ones that we feel are good to have on sale to the public. Anything less than that is disposed of correctly, or recycled. Plus, we have car batteries from every major and minor manufacturer. So you will have no problem locating the correct battery according to your personal needs.

We keep all popular brands including:

  • Everstart;
  • DieHard;
  • AutoCraft;
  • Interstate;
  • Nascar Select;
  • Duralast;
  • NAPA;
  • Bosch;
  • AC Delco;
  • Optima;
  • Exide;
  • Duracell.

Car Battery Replacement Is Good for Your Car

Having an old and defective car battery installed in your car will only give you trouble. If you want your car to be healthy and productive, you need to have a high quality battery in there. Fortunately, here at King Auto we have such batteries. And you don’t have to pay full price for them, as they are second hand. So if you need to buy a battery, don’t buy it brand new. That is the wrong way. The correct thing to do is contact us and get yourself a second hand battery today!

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