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What happens to wrecked cars?


Many people are not aware how wrecked vehicles are processed. Consequently, people often resist in scrapping their wrecked automobiles with salvage yards. However, it’s important to understand how scrap yard dealers process damaged or totalled vehicles. As every junk yard dealer recycle unwanted vehicles by using government regulated and environmentally safe techniques.

Getting Wrecked Vehicles

The process of sourcing junk automobiles is of utmost importance for automobile recyclers. If they do it carelessly, the consequences are bad. Most reputable auto wrecking yards appoint skilled employees to handle this job. Beside this, they also use leading edge softwares for sourcing vehicles.

Insurance companies usually obtain automobiles from road accidents that are declared as a total loss. They sell those accidental damaged wheels at insurance auto auctions. People bid on these automobiles and whoever offer the highest cash for car, gets the deal.

Dismantling Spare Parts to Create the Inventory

After the acquisition of totalled or scrap vehicles, salvage yard experts make sure to utilize them fully. They do this by sourcing out the usable and fine-working parts and add them to their massive inventory. Basically, they assess the condition of every part and then assign a grade to it before putting in stock. This help their salesperson to understand the performance of the component.

They sell these car body parts as second hand spare parts at a reasonable value. When customers visit them, they quickly provide an appropriate part for their vehicle needs. It’s due to the extensive yard management system. They responsibly save the record and description of each part in their computer. So when a customer requests any part, they can easily find the exact one.

The Unique Process of Auto Dismantling By Wreckers

This is the most important step of processing salvaged or totalled automobiles. The professionals at junk yards start by inspecting the valuable components in wrecked vehicles. Wreckers put more emphasis in locating valuable components like the transmission and engine. After this, they carefully take off all the toxic fluids, oils, gases and other hazardous components. When the dissembling process is completed, their expert wrecker inspects the automobiles. This is done to make sure that proper process has been followed while dismantling the automobile. 

Wreckers Buy Totalled Cars for Spare Parts

After the damaged car or truck has been torn into parts. The professionals at scrap yards start selling them at quick pace. They primarily act as a second hand parts suppliers and deals with various buyers. This includes auto dealerships, private auto repair shops and insurance companies.

They make sure that every component is 100% verified and ready to be sold when adding it to the inventory. In fact, the auto body components are properly inspected and cleaned before being sold. Again their efficient management system also operate an online marketplace for used spare part buyers.

Removal of the correct part

At the time of taking off parts from automobiles, wreckers take care to remove the correct one. Their technicians ensure to perform the main quality control to pull off the correct part. The components are then marked and tagged with the routing details.   

Logistics & Inventory Control

After the damaged automobile has been processed and its components have been inventoried and sold. They make sure to deliver the ordered components to the customers. Basically, they offer delivery services to clients that live within their delivery zone. They also charge a fair percentage of freight charges as well.

Crushing & Metal Recycling

Finally, the leftover auto body and its non-useful materials are collected in a large container. It is towed to a recycler for the process of crushing. In this process, the leftover vehicle is processed into chunks of useful metal.

Overall, salvage yards offer highly efficient and eco-friendly services for scrapping unwanted automobiles. After all, every unwanted vehicle owner want their automobiles to be safely wrecked, recycled and disposed.

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