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6 compulsive facts about buying second hand parts

Many car owners who visit dealerships for car repairs are often get a pricing shock. As the replacement parts can cost a pretty penny. But luckily, there are ways through which you can cut the cost of labour and parts and you can probably save some money.

No matter whether you are looking towards restoring your classic vehicle or repairing an old car that has just met an accident, it is best to opt for used replacement parts. After all, it is a perfect option to stay under budget and buy inexpensive used car parts rather than shelling out more cash.

However, with so many scrap yards in your area, it can be difficult to obtain a quality used car part from a trustworthy dealer. So, here is a bunch of things you should know before purchasing a second hand auto part:

Save money buying used car parts

This is the foremost thing all of you may be aware of. Based on the make, model and age of your vehicle, you can save about 20% – 80% money while purchasing a used component for it instead of a brand new one.

Easy to find the desired part

Salvaged or reusable vehicle’s components can be easily found on even those vehicles that are totally irreparable. A lesser known fact is that, when a vehicle is smashed in a collision, about 70% of its components can be still used again.

Some of the common parts that are mostly taken out from destroyed vehicle and re-sold includes tyres, transmissions, bumpers, body panels, wheels, rear end motors, front ends and much more.

Good for the environment

Quite simply, components of used automobiles would simply rust away in the junk yards, if no one would prefer to buy them. So, it is wise to purchase them at an affordable price and utilize them to the best extent. This is not only an economically smart option, but it is also a great way to go green.

Beware of duplicate spare parts

When buying a used component, it is important to remember that duplicate ones also exist. The best way to identify them is to look for the mismatched logos or typos on them. Also, duplicate components are usually unregulated and unsafe. When you will compare a duplicate part with a new one it will look very different.

Durability & age of the spare part matters

Before you shop for a used component, it is imperative to know how many miles your vehicle has already travelled. This is because most of the components that you’ll get at a salvage yard have been there for a long time.

So, make sure to ask the employee at junk yard how long it has been in the inventory. This is important because a component that is no longer in circulation can cause a safety risk when purchased.

Keep your vehicle’s VIN handy when contacting your local salvage yard

When working with a junk yard near you, make sure to have your vehicle’s (Vehicle Identification Number) VIN handy.  When the representative at the salvage yard will type your VIN number into their system, they will get all the necessary information which will help them to give you an exact component. They generally need all such details as the vehicle’s make, engine type, model, and any other relevant detail.

With them, you can easily get the component that might be best compatible with your automobile. Additionally, this will also save you time and efforts that you would need to spend in searching it on your own.

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