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How to sell a car you Still Owe Money on?

March 30, 2018 no responses

Selling a vehicle has been already a tough job. And it becomes highly complicated when you still owe money on it. But fortunately this is a common transaction done by people who don’t hold the title of their automobiles. As buying a vehicle is an expensive affair so many owners get it financed through credit unions or banks. Here we’ve given best tips to sell a vehicle easily if you still owe money on it.

There are two main options through which you can accomplish a successful sale process:

  1. Safely transfer the vehicle’s title to the buyer: Make sure to select an easy and convenient way to transfer the title of your automobile.
  2. You can use the sale proceeds you get from the buyer to pay off the loan due on our vehicle.

In addition to this, there are some factors that will have an overall effect on the selling process. A common factor is where your debt is held and another one is who you are selling your vehicle. It is possible that you are selling it to a dealership or maybe a private buyer.

loan -to-pay

Here are some basic tips that will help you to sell your vehicle:

Get guidance from your Lender

Make sure to get recommendations from the lender how to sell your vehicle without destroying your credit. Ask about the valid options. They deal with such type of automobiles on a regular basis so they will provide you correct advice. You can call them and get guidance for getting rid of your automobile while the loan is unpaid. It is also a great way to visit your lender in person and complete the transaction process with ease.  Also ask the lender about the overall time required processing the title and terms regarding prepayment of penalties.

Get an Official Payoff Amount

If you want to get a clear title, you will need to know that exact amount of money you still owe on your automobile.

Get clear title

It is obvious that you cannot sell an automobile without paying off the pending loan. Therefore, make sure to clear it’s outstanding in order to sell it. You can get the “amount of payoff” from the lender and get a good idea about how much money you will need. This way, getting its title will be less troublesome and you will get many buyers for your automobile.

Get a Payoff Letter

Getting a special payoff letter from your lender will allow you to determine the different amount you have to pay. So, you can get complete details regarding the payment of unpaid cash throughout the weekdays.

Transferring the Clear Title

It is important that you transfer a clear title to the buyer to complete the process as quickly as possible. Most likely you will need to sign the necessary paperwork.

Trading it in at a dealership

These days selling a vehicle privately is very difficult than selling it at a dealership. There can be a number of reasons for it. The number one reason is of course that private selling needs a more time. Another reason is that you will have to arrange all the paperwork on your own. The main thing is that dealing with a third party buyer is hassle-free and reasonable changes to get the top cash for cars in Sydney.  

Still no luck? Get in touch with “Wreckmonster” and find out how we can help you with this.

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All about Car Engine Problems

March 27, 2018 no responses

Normally, it is accepted by most folk that getting repairs on your car is an expensive task. However, if it is the engine that is broken, the cost of repair can dwarf the amount of money needed to fix other parts. Or it could be a simple problem that won’t put any dent in your bank account.


The engine may have had such a massive amount of damage that it needs to be replaced. In this case, most people just choose to just sell the whole car to the local auto wreckers. It all really depends on how bad of a state it is in. Some of the common engine headaches can be predicted with these symptoms:

  • While driving, the engine stalls;
  • You can crank the engine, but it won’t start;
  • The car is leaking engine oil;
  • The coolant is leaking;
  • There is white, blue or black smoke coming from the exhaust;
  • A rattling noise is coming from the engine;
  • The needle of the temperature gauge points to hot;
  • There is a bubbling noise occurring after the engine is turned off;

You may have good luck with some of these issues, however, there is a chance that your vehicle will be rendered un-driveable. Is your engine exhibiting any of the above symptoms? You had better learn what is causing it, how it needs to be repaired, and how expensive these repairs are going to be.

The Timing Belt Has Snapped

If the timing belt has the misfortune of snapping, you can’t drive anywhere as the engine will turn off. And you won’t be able to start it either. All you need to do in order to keep your timing belt in good condition is to keep it maintained. The owner’s manual for your automobile will have instructions on how often to replace the timing chain.

The Engine Won’t Run or It Won’t Crank

When your engine cranks, and the engine won’t start, you can’t drive your car. There are a few reasons for this occurring. One of them is that there is no fuel. Or the fuel is wrong or faulty somehow. It could be that the wiring is bad. Perhaps some fuses have blown. The cost of getting this fixed range from $300 to $1800.

Leaking Engine Oil

Engine oil is important because it acts as a lubricant for the continuously moving parts in your engine. Without it, they will experience much higher levels of wear and tear. It is no wonder then that you want to avoid having an oil leak.

If a gasket or seal in your engine has broken, you may find out when you see puddles of black oil under your car. It has been reported to smell horrible. The cause is usually engine gaskets that have degraded and failed. This is an easy thing to get repaired, and doesn’t cost a lot.

The “Check Engine” Light is on

When there is something wrong happening within the engine, the car’s system will tell the “check engine” light to light up. You most definitely should not ignore this. It could be one of these things: The oxygen sensor needs replacing, the fuel cap is loose or broken, the catalytic convertor is broken and needs to be replaced, or the mass airflow sensor is failing and needs to be replaced.

Furthermore, if the catalytic convertor needs replacing, you may be set back a few thousand dollars.

Engine Overheating

This is something you don’t want happening. Which makes seeing the temperature gauge in the red quite a stressful experience. There isn’t one solitary reason for this to happen either. However, often times it is due to low levels of coolant and water in the radiator. And many things can cause this to happen. Or there might be a leak somewhere in the cooling system.

Whatever it is, if you catch it soon enough it may only cost you a few hundred dollars. If it catastrophically damaged the whole engine, it could be curtains for your car.

Blown Rod or Rod Knock

One concerning sign that something is wrong is if you can hear a solid and repetitive sound while driving. It will be similar to someone is striking something with a hammer. The term folk use to describe this is Rod Knock. It can also be called Blown Rod. A crankshaft that connects the rod bearings has broken.

How is this caused? If there is an insufficient amount of engine oil to keep the moving parts lubricated, parts wear down considerably. A bearing usually ends up being destroyed as a result. These parts are deep within the engine so it is a very difficult problem to repair. It may be the case that the whole engine requires replacing. A Rod Knock can set you back by up to $4000!

Head Gasket that has Blown or been Damaged

This problem is related to engine overheating. If the head gasket blows, it will negatively affect the cooling system, and coolant can leak. Coolant and oil can leak into each other in the engine. Basically, all kinds of bad things are possible.

Also, overheating engine can cause this. And it is extremely expensive to fix. The damage to your bank account can exceed $1200, and go up to $1600.

The Engine Block Has Cracked

It can be tricky to recognise when an engine block has cracked, as a good many engine blocks have small cracks in them anyway. Here is something to look out for: engine overheating. This is due to the fact that the crack occurred in a place that allowed antifreeze to leak out.

Engine smoke is another symptom. If it is blue-grey smoke, have cause for concern. This is due to exhaust fumes coming out of the crack instead of the exhaust system. If you are conducting an oil change, or a coolant flush, it is a good idea to check the colour of the liquids. When oil and antifreeze get together they make a milky white colour. If there is a crack in your engine block, and it has occurred between the passages that these liquid flows in, this is a sure sign.

Selling a car with a broken engine? Contact Wreckmonster today.

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Sydney Car Wreckers offers the pick and pay less service

February 12, 2018 no responses

Need a car parts for less? Visit our scrap yards in Sydney and get more discount on the already promotional spare parts. Pick a part yourself and get an extra 10 to 20% discount and it applies to our intact spare parts inventory.

On the other hand, do you want easy pick up service for your old and junk car in Sydney? Then choosing your local Sydney Car Wreckers called Wreck Monster is the perfect option for. We buy and pick up the scrap for money throughout Sydney, NSW.

The best time to choose the Sydney Car Wreckers

These days, everyone love to have anything that would simplify their life more than ever.  And this is the role auto wrecker’s play in the lives of people who are desperately looking to sell their junk wheels. Junk vehicle owners hire auto wreckers not just because they offer good money. But also because they simply save them a lot of efforts and time. These are professionals who focus on making the entire complicated vehicle selling process a little bit easier and trouble-free.

So, if you find yourself in a situation when your vehicle is no longer running and beyond repair. It will be best to employ a professional auto wrecking service. They will offer you an excellent pick and pay less service. Well! That means they will remove and wreck your car for cash without you having to pay a dollar in return. It’s really easier and cheaper to get your car wrecked by an auto wrecker rather than getting it fixed up.

How it works?

  • The best way to find an experienced car wrecker is to use online search. You can get in touch with them by filling up and submitting their quote form. Their friendly representatives will quickly get back to you with a great deal for your vehicle.
  • They will definitely offer you a perfect deal based on your automobile’s make, model, year and brand.
  • Now you only need to give your consent. Once you do it, they will quickly pick up your wheels and get you instant cash on the spot. Most of them will also help you with the related documents work.  
  • Just after the instant cash payment they will haul away your wheels to their salvage yard.
  • There each and every part of your vehicle will be pulled out and examined. If there are any parts that can be reused either in working vehicles or for some other useful purpose. They will recycle it using environmental friendly measures.
  • Additionally, they will separate the non-useful car parts and sell them to scrap metal buyers.

The best option to sell your junk car

We all know that wreckers are experts at dealing with damaged and unwanted automobiles. However, this is no true for all of them. After all, auto wrecking is not an easy job that can be done by any wrecking company. It needs years of experience with absolute professionalism.

As your vehicle will need a thorough inspection to check the number of components that are recyclable. Wreckers will need to pull off those parts safely so no damage is done during the process. Additionally, the non-recyclable components will be separated as a junk metal. Hence, the complete process of dismantling an automobile requires extensive experienced wreckers and the right tools. Plus, you will need to hire a reputed auto dismantling company that follow government rules for eco-friendly disposal of vehicles.

Best Price for your Scrap car

Get the top cash for cars in Sydney while dealing with auto recyclers in your region. Although many auto removal experts guarantee to pay the most handsome cash of all the other companies. But they always try that you gain the least amount of money. So, it’s a smart thing to do a brief research before you contact with any auto dismantling company. This will help you get in touch with the right vehicle dismantler. And when you do that you will be able to earn good cash, no matter how damaged your wheels is.

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Why Should You Choose Wreck Monster?

February 8, 2018 no responses

Do you want to sell a car that is not running? Maybe you need a lot of money for its repairs. Or maybe, you aren’t interested in selling it to a private buyer as it is unsafe for the road. This, however, don’t indicate that selling a scrap car is a troublesome or stressful experience. It is certainly true when selling your junk automobile to Wreck Monster.

Here are some of the best reasons you should sell your old car to us, if you describe it as a scrap.

Best place to junk your car for money

When you decide to sell us your old or used car which belongs to scrap variety. The complete process is very convenient and effortless. You will just need to take three important steps and it is no brainer. All you have to do is get in touch with us for a free quote, give your consent and get instant hard cash. We always make sure to complete an auto removal process within as less time as possible.

Sell your junk car in any condition

No matter how bad the condition of your automobile is, we will lay out top dollar cash for it. The matter of fact is that there isn’t a level of disrepair that would make us to say no to your automobile.

Helping unwanted car owners

Many people find themselves uncertain when it comes to having a junk automobile. Of course, it’s normal for you not to have any good knowledge about junk vehicles. This is where we show up to help you get rid of your old Junker. We have been working in the automotive industry for more than one decade now. During all this period, we have garnered great knowledge about dealing with a wide variety of automobiles. With our excellent experience, we can help you sell your unwanted vehicle in a flash.

Top Cash for Your Car in Sydney, NSW

The vehicle assessing team at Wreck Monster are the fastest when it comes to offering accurate cash quotes. Our team will come over at your place and provide you the best quote without wasting any time.

Easy pick up junk cars for cash

We prioritise our customers experience with us at the top. Thus, we never make them pay for a tow truck to transport their wheels at our yard. Instead, we will come to remove it by using the most efficient towing equipment. We will also pay you top dollars prior to collecting your wheels.

We dismantle vehicles for parts and recycling. Read more about Auto Dismantlers.

Never discriminate with any make and model

As we keep the convenience of our clients at the top, we never let our customers miss out the opportunity to enjoy our superior services. This is valid regardless of what make, model and brand they are selling to us.

Cash for Cars Online Quote

It just involves you contacting us to discuss your old auto removal needs. You can do so by just completing our simple quote request form given on our website. Or you can use our contact number: 0401 333 393  and talk to our friendly representatives. You won’t be wrong by choosing us.

Best price of scrap cars

We always make sure that our customers get sweet cash when trading their unwanted wheels with us. That’s why we make sure to pay the fairest rates you can possibly expect. Also, this is what enhancing our positive reputation and make us the most dependable company in the town.

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