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Sell Your Engine Damaged Car in Sydney Using this Easy Method!

May 7, 2022 no responses

So, you have an incredibly old car that has seen much better days. It is on your driveway, or perhaps your lawn, or maybe it is in your garage with the hood permanently up. The likelihood of it ever being driven again has shrunk all the way to zero. All because the head gasket blew, and now the engine is totally ruined.

Perhaps you have a strong personal bond with this vehicle. Maybe you harbour dreams of having the engine repaired so you can take it back on the road, where it can relive its former glory. But it is so old that if it was still in working condition, the amount of money it would be worth is exceeded by the cost that repairing the engine would inflict on your bank account. Having an engine repaired is an infamously expensive job. The real solution here is to bite the bullet and get rid of the car!

How to Sell a Scrap Car Successfully

People often fall into the trap of believing that their vehicle is worthless once it enters the scrap phase of its existence. But they are dead wrong. Here at WreckMonster, we find the value in scrap cars. We see their potential, and will pay anyone who offers us money for them so we can plunder them for their treasure.

If your car only has a blown engine, there will still be so many other components on it that are not broken. The doors will still be use-able. The seats may still be perfectly okay for re-use in another vehicle. We will take the car apart and sell all the parts that are still in good condition. The parts that aren’t, we will sell to companies that recycle those materials.

How to Sell Your Car to us

So, how do you sell your engine damaged car to us? It is easy. Here at WreckMonster, we believe in giving people free quotes if they contact us asking for one. You can either contact us online or over the phone, the choice is yours. All you need to do is call us up at 0401 333 393 or you can fill out the form that is located on our website’s main page. We just need to know a few simple details in order to provide you with an offer. The make, model, age and condition that the vehicle is in.

It doesn’t matter whether your vehicle is a popular brand, or a less well known one. It doesn’t matter if the vehicle in question is so damaged that none of the parts can be re-used. We will buy it regardless of these facts.

Free Removal

The cherry on the top of our amazing cash for cars-service is our free removal one. We will not charge you a cent, nor will we hide the cost by offering you less money for your car than we would otherwise offer if there were no removal costs to speak of. So, contact us today and get top cash for your car!

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Hire a Wrecking Company in Penrith, Sydney

May 29, 2019 no responses

Is your lawn being cluttered with a junk vehicle taking up a huge portion of space? Maybe you put it on the market at one point in an attempt to sell it. But you got no interest in it. And for good reason. It is a junk car, and people don’t buy those. Unless, of course, those people are WreckMonster. We are Penrith’s leading auto wrecking company. And we buy scrap cars.

If you have a car, or even if you have a van, truck, SUV, Ute or 4wd, and it is well past its prime, you now know what to do with it. Especially if it has permanently broken down. You need to sell it to us, and we will take it from your property via our professional car removal service.


Trade Your Scrap Car with Cash Value

A very common myth that seems to be making the rounds lately, is the idea that cars are not worth any money once they reach junk status. Too many people let this misconception allow them to make the wrong decisions in life in relation to what to do with scrap vehicles. But if you do have a car that no longer runs due to extreme damage. Don’t pay someone to take it, don’t leave it on your property. And don’t dump it anywhere.

Get on the phone to us here at Car Wreckers in Penrith. Call us at 0401 333 393 or find the ridiculously simple form on our website to fill out. Next, either over the phone or via the form. You need to tell us the condition your car is in, as well as its age, make and model. We will pay you more than any other company will, and depending on the condition we pay from $200 to $9’999.

Penrith-Wide Free Removal

The whole of Sydney gets to enjoy our services when need be. No-where is neglected. We will travel from our salvage yard all the way to yours and back, whether you live in Ultimo, Blacktown, Penrith, Greenacre, Campbelltown, Baulkham Hills, Liverpool, Parramatta or Richmond. You may be under the misconception that the cost of removal will be factored into how much we pay you for your car. This is not how we do business. Instead, we pay all of those costs out of our own pocket and you get every last cent that your car should be worth.

Scrap Cars Wanted in Penrith – Dead or Alive

The idea of rejecting an automobile for any reason is not in line with our objectives here at Wreck Monster. We want to help people, not turn them away. All makes and models are accepted, including Mazda, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Honda, Hyundai, Holden, Mercedes Benz, Suzuki, Subaru, SsangYong, Skoda, Audi, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Fiat, Renault, Volvo, Jeep, Audi, Lexus, and any other kind of car you can think of.

Call Wreck Monster Today!

Your unwanted car is worth cash. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. And call us today, as we are keen on hearing from you!

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Sydney Truck Wrecking Service at a Glance

February 22, 2019 no responses


Have you got yourself a cumbersome truck on your hands? One that has lost the ability to be driven? Has it simply gotten so old that it simply isn’t worth it to get it fixed? Or has it been written off somehow, like in a crash? A truck can end up useless via a few different avenues of bad luck, or sheer age. The result, however, is always the same.

You need to somehow have the truck disposed of. If you can do so in a way that involves recycling, you have won!

Fortunately, if you live in Sydney, you have the solution in your town. We are WreckMonster, and our Truck Wreckers in Sydney are, NSW’s number one experts in the art of automobile recycling. It doesn’t matter what the size of your truck is. It could be a big truck, and it could be a small truck. We will buy it off you for top cash!

Free Light Commercial Truck Removal across Sydney

Sydney is a large place. When we travel from one end to another, it costs us money for travel. But we aren’t going to make you pay for it by offering less money for your vehicle. Instead, we love to take the cost on ourselves. There are no hidden fees to be found here at WreckMonster. You will be able to take advantage of our amazing services regardless of where you are in Sydney. Be it Greenacre, Blacktown, Campbelltown, Liverpool, Richmond, Parramatta, Baulkham Hills, Ultimo and Penrith.

We have a fleet of vehicles that are specially designed to be able to transport large vehicles such as trucks across town. And a team of super professional vehicle removal experts on hand. We spare no expense to make sure you get the best deal ever!

We Wreck Truck of All Makes or Models

There is no such thing as a truck make that we didn’t buy if offered to us. It is very important to us that each and every truck owner of Sydney has a way to get rid of their truck once it reaches the end of its life. Otherwise, what are they going to do? Abandon it somewhere? Throw it off a cliff? Leave at a junkyard? No, sell it to us and get the best cash in return.

We buy the following models. Mercedes, Toyota, Isuzu, Freightliner, UD, Volvo, Western Star, Scania, RFW, DAF, Titan, Mack, Man, Iveco, Kenworth, Hino and Fuso. We buy any make not in that list and you need to sell.

The Truck Recycling Process in Sydney

We all know that how important is the vehicle recycling process. When we get that truck off you, we will take it to pieces. The parts that can be reused will be sold second hand. The parts that can’t be re-used will be sold to scrap metal yards, along with the crushed shell. This is all so that the environment doesn’t suffer as a result of cars even when the car is dead.

Contact Wreck Monster Today!

Finally, the number to call us is 0401 333 393. Or you can fill out the form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

How to Scrap Your Car in Sydney

January 31, 2019 no responses


If you have a vehicle that has always been there for you when you needed transportation, it deserves to be recycled once it dies. This is much better than dumping it or whatever other plans you had.

Get it recycled and know that you are helping the planet. However, where in Sydney is the best place to get this done? Car Scrap Yards in Sydney?

Do Some Research

There are so many cash for cars companies out there that it may be hard to decide which one to sell to. It is important to understand that they are all different in many ways. Some don’t do free quotes or free removal. Others will not pay enough for the car in the first place. Then there are all the companies with unfriendly customer service teams and unprofessional practices. You can find out which is which by going to all their websites and getting a few different quotes.

Compare the Scrap Car Quotes with Each Other

When you go online and look at their websites, you can see who provides free quotes and free removal. However, you will also want to know how much they pay for the cars, and who pays the most. You can either fill out the form on the website or call them up, it’s your choice. When you get the free quote, it should come with no obligations to accept. Look at them all and see which one is the most generous.

Consider the Environment

You can find out whether their recycling techniques are the best. All you need to do is ask. The best recycling practices include making sure that the cars are drained of all their fluids before they are dismantled. Otherwise those fluids, which are harmful to the environment, will get everywhere and eventually find their way into the waterways.

Make Sure They Buy Your Particular Make

Some auto wreckers are not into buy all makes and models. This is due to the fact that some makes are more popular than others and they want to make sure that they are spending their money wisely. But other cash for scrap car companies will buy any make and any model. That latter practice needs to be rewarded by people selling their vehicles to them instead of the others. So, if you can, sell your vehicle to the company that buys all makes and model.

Which is the best scrap car place in Sydney, NSW?

Keen to find out the best place to sell your car in Sydney? If you have the good luck of being a resident of the beautiful city of Sydney, you should choose to sell to WreckMonster. As a leading Sydney’s car removals, we are the number one auto wrecking outfit in the area. We remove for free, accept all makes and models, have loads of experience, and care about the environment. But best of all, we pay the best amounts of cash for cars, trucks, Utes, vans, SUV’s and 4×4’s.

Call us at 0401 333 393 or use the online form located easily on our website to book the free scrap car removal today. We would love to hear from you!

Sydney’s Number One Scrap Car Buyers

January 9, 2019 no responses

scrapping-a car

Is the fact that your car is never going to run again getting you down? Or is the vehicle in question a Ute, van, SUV or 4wd truck? Has the vehicle in question been banished to a dark corner of your property in an effort to forget about it for the time being? If this is the case, it is still using up a certain amount of your residence that can be used for better things.

Perhaps the reason for its current state is the fact that the years have had their toll on it. Maybe it became the victim of some seriously bad luck, and a major part blew. Was it in a road accident? Any one of these circumstances will end up with you wanting to scrap your car. And you will have no problem selling it if you sell to us here at WreckMonster. You can easily get in touch with us by calling this number: 0401 333 393. The best deal for your scrap car is only a mere phone call away. Or fill out a form on our website.

About WreckMonster

Condition of Vehicles that We Buy Happily

  • Scrap or Junk
  • Running or not running
  • Dead or alive
  • Unregistered or Registered
  • Water, Fire or Hail Damaged
  • Blown Head Gasket or Engine Failure
  • Mechanically faulty
  • Totalled in Accident or unwanted.

Sydney Wide Free Scrap Car Removal Service

Also, a lot of cash for cars companies take part in the practice of somehow making their customers pay for them to remove the car from their property. This can be done by simply paying less money for it. This is known as a hidden charge.

However, there are some Auto Removal Companies that won’t even provide removal to begin with. They will tell you to make the arrangements to remove your old car yourself. This only ends up with the customer ultimately getting less money.

Same Day Junk Car Pickup Facility

However, here at WreckMonster, we have a free scrap car removal service. We aren’t just scrap auto dismantlers! You can enjoy our free junk vehicle pickup service without needing to pay a single dollar, and end up with much more money. And don’t worry about what condition your vehicle is in. Sure, a car that is in worse condition will have less parts on it worth salvaging, making it worth less money. However, we do pay more money for vehicles than anyone else, and the maximum amount is $12’000. And not one single cent of it will be lost to the removal of your broken car.

Used Commercial Vehicle Buyers in Sydney

Thus, cars aren’t the soul automobile out there. There are other types of vehicle. There are trucks, Utes, vans, SUV’s, and even 4×4’s. And these vehicles break down just the same. If you have any one of these vehicles, you don’t want to be left out of the party. You want to be able to get top dollar too.

That is just one of the reasons why we also buy commercial automobiles.

Trucks are a lot bigger than cars, so if you have a truck to get rid of, be sure that it will get more money than a car would. This is due to the amount of weight in metals that are found in a truck.

Also, the maximum we pay for trucks is $15’000. Do you own a truck that needs to be scrapped professionally? Contact us and get the best deal for it!

What Do We Do With your Scrap Vehicle?

We don’t just pay top cash for your car. A lot of people think that we just crush cars into blocks and then throw them into landfills. This isn’t the case at all. We are professional automobile recyclers. This means that we are salvaging the car’s parts for use again in the future. We take the whole automobile to pieces. The parts and components that are in good condition and can be re-used safely are then added to our used part stock. Parts that can’t be re-used will have their materials recycled.

The remaining shell is then shredded and magnets are used to separate the metal from the other materials. We sell the materials to companies that can use them or further recycle them some more. We pay the best scrap car prices in NSW, Australia.

Sell Your Scrap Vehicle of All Make & Models

The cash for cars landscape is well populated. However, finding a company who will buy your specific make of vehicle can be hard. A lot of them focus their attentions on the top few most popular makes. This leaves a lot of people out in the rain. We want to ensure that all the people who need to sell their scrap vehicles can do so, no matter what the make happens to be. It is important to us that the maximum amount of people get to take advantage of our superior services.

Also, we will not reject your vehicle for any reason. It can be absolutely any make and we will offer the best possible deal.

Japanese: Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Honda, Isuzu, Suzuki.

European: Audi, BMW, VW, Mercedes Benz

Korean: Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo and SsangYong.

Australian: Holden Commodore, Toyota Corollas & Hilux

American: Jeep, Ford, Chrysler, Chevy.

We Buy Junk Cars across Sydney, New South Wales

Furthermore, there isn’t a single corner of Sydney that is out of our reach. Where-ever you are, we can get there with our car removal trucks. We will come to where you are whether you live in

Or any other place in Sydney. We will come over and pay you the best possible deal on the spot.

Get yourself a free quote. All you need to do in order to get a free, no obligations quote from us is call us up at the phone number mentioned above. Or you can visit our website. The main page has a quote request form on it that is simple and easy to fill out. We will get back in touch with you with a free quote as soon as possible.

Finally, are you scrapping your car in Sydney, sell it to us, your friendly neighbourhood scrap car buyer, and get top cash!

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What happens to wrecked cars?

December 10, 2018 no responses


Many people are not aware how wrecked vehicles are processed. Consequently, people often resist in scrapping their wrecked automobiles with salvage yards. However, it’s important to understand how scrap yard dealers process damaged or totalled vehicles. As every junk yard dealer recycle unwanted vehicles by using government regulated and environmentally safe techniques.

Getting Wrecked Vehicles

The process of sourcing junk automobiles is of utmost importance for automobile recyclers. If they do it carelessly, the consequences are bad. Most reputable auto wrecking yards appoint skilled employees to handle this job. Beside this, they also use leading edge softwares for sourcing vehicles.

Insurance companies usually obtain automobiles from road accidents that are declared as a total loss. They sell those accidental damaged wheels at insurance auto auctions. People bid on these automobiles and whoever offer the highest cash for car, gets the deal.

Dismantling Spare Parts to Create the Inventory

After the acquisition of totalled or scrap vehicles, salvage yard experts make sure to utilize them fully. They do this by sourcing out the usable and fine-working parts and add them to their massive inventory. Basically, they assess the condition of every part and then assign a grade to it before putting in stock. This help their salesperson to understand the performance of the component.

They sell these car body parts as second hand spare parts at a reasonable value. When customers visit them, they quickly provide an appropriate part for their vehicle needs. It’s due to the extensive yard management system. They responsibly save the record and description of each part in their computer. So when a customer requests any part, they can easily find the exact one.

The Unique Process of Auto Dismantling By Wreckers

This is the most important step of processing salvaged or totalled automobiles. The professionals at junk yards start by inspecting the valuable components in wrecked vehicles. Wreckers put more emphasis in locating valuable components like the transmission and engine. After this, they carefully take off all the toxic fluids, oils, gases and other hazardous components. When the dissembling process is completed, their expert wrecker inspects the automobiles. This is done to make sure that proper process has been followed while dismantling the automobile. 

Wreckers Buy Totalled Cars for Spare Parts

After the damaged car or truck has been torn into parts. The professionals at scrap yards start selling them at quick pace. They primarily act as a second hand parts suppliers and deals with various buyers. This includes auto dealerships, private auto repair shops and insurance companies.

They make sure that every component is 100% verified and ready to be sold when adding it to the inventory. In fact, the auto body components are properly inspected and cleaned before being sold. Again their efficient management system also operate an online marketplace for used spare part buyers.

Removal of the correct part

At the time of taking off parts from automobiles, wreckers take care to remove the correct one. Their technicians ensure to perform the main quality control to pull off the correct part. The components are then marked and tagged with the routing details.   

Logistics & Inventory Control

After the damaged automobile has been processed and its components have been inventoried and sold. They make sure to deliver the ordered components to the customers. Basically, they offer delivery services to clients that live within their delivery zone. They also charge a fair percentage of freight charges as well.

Crushing & Metal Recycling

Finally, the leftover auto body and its non-useful materials are collected in a large container. It is towed to a recycler for the process of crushing. In this process, the leftover vehicle is processed into chunks of useful metal.

Overall, salvage yards offer highly efficient and eco-friendly services for scrapping unwanted automobiles. After all, every unwanted vehicle owner want their automobiles to be safely wrecked, recycled and disposed.

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Driving Myths that Need Debunking

September 18, 2018 no responses

There are mistruths and misconceptions surrounding almost everything. There always have been. And the automobile, along with the act of driving it, are no exceptions to the rule. These are toxic and will make the driving of anyone who believes them a lot less safe and skilled. It is important that anyone believing these myths is disabused of the notions they describe as soon as possible.

The following are just some of these myths, and why they are wrong.

Cruise Control Driving

You are allowed to drive on cruise control. There are no laws prohibiting this.

Eating while Driving is Illegal

There is a misconception out there that it is completely illegal for anyone to eat food while they are driving. This is a myth that couldn’t be further from the truth if it were in a neighbouring galaxy instead of the milky-way. The truth of the matter is that you can eat food while driving. Just not food that requires two hands to eat.

High Beam Headlights have Strict Restrictions on them

A lot of people think that there is a complete ban on the use of high-beam headlights. This is perfectly understandable to think.

However, this is yet another myth that requires urgent debunking. High beam headlights are allowed to be used. If it is necessary to use them, you are allowed to do so. It is okay. As long as there are no cars coming toward you who will have their sight impaired by them.

However, if you have high intensity discharge lamps on your lights, these are lights that are prohibited from being used.

Loud Music

If it isn’t late at night when people are trying to sleep, you can have loud music in your car.

Phone Use is Banned Completely

It is true that you cannot use your phone while driving, generally speaking. But there are exceptions that people don’t know about. It is important that you know what these exceptions are. Or you will go through life not know what they are, which will result in you not being able to take advantage of them in ways that are allowed by the law.

You can use your phone to talk if it can be operated without having to touch it. This is called hands free operation. If you have blue tooth, you can also use that. Otherwise the phone needs to be in a cradle that is attached to the interior of the car somehow. You can use it to play music in this capacity as well.

However, you still can’t use it for texting, using the internet in any capacity, or for anything that would require that you hold it in your hands. You can only hold a phone as a driver if you are passing it to someone like a passenger.

Intersection Overtaking

It is a common belief that turning at an intersection is only allowed if you are not passing another car. This is not true. Unless there are signs specifically prohibiting it. Or the corner is sharp.

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How to sell a car that has permanently broken down?

June 1, 2018 no responses

So, your car has stopped running and it is more expensive to have it fixed than the vehicle is worth. This is every car owner’s nightmare. What are you going to do? Pay a towing company to haul it off to the local junk yard? You certainly can’t place an advertisement in a vain attempt to sell it. People don’t buy junk vehicles. They want to spend their hard earned money on automobiles that they can drive.

Well, that isn’t strictly true. You do have another option. That option is selling your old clunker to your local auto wrecking company. It is not the same as sending it off to a junk yard either. You actually get money this way. And it is incredibly fast. Your vehicle will be gone within the same day that you contacted them.


How to sell your broken car for wreckers in Sydney?

Auto wrecking companies buy all sorts of vehicles, from your regular car all the way to SUV’s, Utes, trucks, vans and 4×4’s. And the chances are that you will be able to find an auto wrecking company that will buy your specific make and model. Some of them specialise and only buy certain brands, and some buy them all. But none of that answers the question: What do they want with your junk car? Why do they buy scrap vehicles at all?

They are doing this because they make a living from the sale of used car parts. Once they have hauled a vehicle back to their salvage yard, they drain all the fluids and then dismantle the vehicle. Any part or component that can be sold second hand is saved, and the rest is sold to scrap metal companies for more money.

What’s your car worth?

Many folk are operating under the false assumption that their clunker is not worth a cent. It is, after all, useless. But this isn’t taking into account the value of the parts that are still in usable condition. This is one of the variables that will influence how much your automobile will get when selling to an auto wrecking company.

It isn’t only the amount of parts that can be salvaged, even though that is important. The age of the vehicle also matters. Parts on older cars will have more wear and tear, therefore selling at a lower price due to shorter life-spans.

The make and model of your vehicle and the parts on it also gets taken into account. This is due to the law of supply and demand. The more popular a make is, the more people are going to want replacement parts for that brand of vehicle. This allows the seller to sell them for more money, as they will be sold easily. Parts that are harder to sell will need lower prices to entice the customer to part with their money in order to buy it.

Don’t just leave that scrap automobile on your lawn. Contact us today and make some cash!

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Difference between manual and automatic transmission

May 28, 2018 no responses

When shopping for a new or used car most people commonly think about a few common aspects. They are the make, model and the cost of the vehicle. However, these attributes are not the only important thing that must be considered at the time of purchase. There are a number of other important aspects than looking at the appearance and price of the automobile. There are crucial specifications like the transmission which play a more valuable role than other auto body components and accessories.

The major source of power in a vehicle is the battery and engine. But it is the transmission which enables it to accelerate smoothly. There are various types of auto transmissions manufactured all over the world. The most common ones are Manual and Automatic transmissions. They operate by when the driver shifts the gears in the engine. This process transfers the required power to the wheels and the vehicle is able to run smoothly. There is a particular ratio for every gear which prevents the wheel from spinning together with the engine. 

display model

Manual and Automatic transmissions have a widely different set of attributes. There vast difference between the two in terms of characteristics like accident ratio, design and performance. That’s why every auto owner must ensure to buy a transmission system that is perfectly suitable for their automobile. Before you sign the necessary paperwork make sure to check the spec suits your vehicle’s requirements.

Driving Differences

When driving an automobile with manual transmission most people change 5 gears. The first gear is shifted slowly while the fifth is shifted very quickly. When changing the gear you have to also use the clutch. On the other hand, automatic transmissions have two gears. After you apply the first gear your automobile will slowly start moving at low speed.

When it comes to an automatic transmission one can use it in a hassle-free way. All you have to do is just focus on the steering wheel and gas pedal. It is not a good idea to use manual transmission if you want to avoid troubles. It is because using manual one takes proper coordination of throttle, gears and clutch. This provides smooth rides to the auto owner.

Accident Ratio

According to a recent survey, people having a manual car often get involved in road accidents. Authorities stated that the common reason for this is lack of coordination in the gears, throttle and clutch. It leads to the failure of the engine and drives become the victim of accidents. There is no need to spend much money to improve the performance of the vehicle though. Just make sure to check your transmission from time to time. If you find any fault get it repaired or replaced quickly.


When it comes to driving experience there is a difference in both the transmission types. If you want a better control on your automobile use manual transmission. Whereas, if you live in an area with heavy traffic on the roads automatic vehicle will be ideal option. It can be troublesome if you have to drive through heavy traffic with a manual automobile. Additionally, it is challenging to drive an automatic vehicle on rough roads.

Overall, the cost of purchasing, fixing and maintaining a manual vehicle is usually much less in contrast to automatic one. Plus it offers an improved gas mileage than automatic counterpart. Hence, we can say that it is highly efficient. However, if you are travelling in an automatic car you can easily prevent accidents.

Need more information about the cars just like this post or probably looking after a replacement car body part? Get in touch with Wreckmonster.com.au who offer the largest inventory of used auto parts and accessories in Sydney, NSW.

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Get top cash for your car in Newcastle

May 19, 2018 no responses

Is there an old car on your lawn that you would like to sell? Maybe you are hesitant because you believe that it will be a hard struggle, owing mainly to the fact that the vehicle in question is so old and broken down. Most folk agree that selling a car that doesn’t work is an uphill battle. But this simply isn’t true.

If you live in Newcastle you have a vast array of cash for cars services who are more than willing to buy your old and useless automobile. Here is a guide of the step by step variety to aid you in your attempts to sell that old automobile gathering rust on your property.

Go online and locate all the Auto Wrecking Companies in Newcastle

The truth is that there are a great many automobile wrecking outfits out there. All you have to do is get on your computer. Using your preferred search engine, the next part is to type in “cash for cars, Newcastle” or “auto wreckers Newcastle.” Or you can type something similar. You will get a great plenty of search results. Don’t be daunted, as it is easy to narrow down the amount of choices.

Narrow down the Choices

There are a few different attributes you will want out of the company that you eventually choose to sell your old automobile to in Newcastle. One of them is trustworthy. You can discover how trustworthy a company is by looking into whether they do things like offer free removal, or whether they are fully certified and licenced. You want the transaction to be fully legal, and seeing that the company in question has all the documentation to prove they are true professionals is a huge help.

Also, you can go onto customer feedback sites such as Yelp to see if their trustworthiness has translated well into a solid reputation. Also ask friends and family if they have dealt with any of these companies, and if they had good experiences. Don’t ask random people on the street.

Look at What Services they Offer

Do they perform free removal? This is a great service to look out for, as it means that you won’t have any money deducted from the value of your car for any reason. They won’t require that you pay for the transportation of your automobile. They won’t hide the cost from you either. Also, do they accept all makes and models? If they do, this says something about the size of their operation and how likely they are to have been in the industry enough to build themselves up to that size. A serious amount of experience is also a nice indicator of how professional and efficient they will be.

Get a Few Different Free Quotes

If they don’t offer free quotes, don’t get one. Get some free quotes from a few different auto wrecking companies in Newcastle. You will need to contact them either via phone or online, and tell them all about your automobile. This includes what type of car it is. What is its make? What model is it? How old is the vehicle? It is also very important to report on its condition. These details are very important. Why is this? Because then the valuation experts at the company you are contacting will be able to formulate a generous and accurate estimate.

Choose the Company to Sell to

Once you get your free quote and you gather up that info with all the other information on the companies you have gotten and used it all to choose one company, accept that companies offer. They will arrange for a time and place that suites you for them to come over with their removal equipment. The whole process will be over very quickly and at the end of it you will have gotten top cash for your car in Newcastle!

Need a top cash for your car today? Contact Wreckmonster today or visit us today @ 1/2 Pine Rd, Yennora.

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