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Sydney’s Number One Scrap Car Buyers

January 9, 2019 no responses
scrapping-a car
Is the fact that your car is never going to run again getting you down? Or is the vehicle in question a Ute, van, SUV or 4wd truck? Has

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What happens to wrecked cars?

December 10, 2018 no responses
Many people are not aware how wrecked vehicles are processed. Consequently, people often resist in scrapping their wrecked automobiles with salvage yards. However, it’s important to understand how scrap

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Driving Myths that Need Debunking

September 18, 2018 no responses
There are mistruths and misconceptions surrounding almost everything. There always have been. And the automobile, along with the act of driving it, are no exceptions to the rule. These

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How to sell a car that has permanently broken down?

June 1, 2018 no responses
So, your car has stopped running and it is more expensive to have it fixed than the vehicle is worth. This is every car owner’s nightmare. What are you

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Difference between manual and automatic transmission

May 28, 2018 no responses
display model
When shopping for a new or used car most people commonly think about a few common aspects. They are the make, model and the cost of the vehicle. However,

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Get top cash for your car in Newcastle

May 19, 2018 no responses
Is there an old car on your lawn that you would like to sell? Maybe you are hesitant because you believe that it will be a hard struggle, owing

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The easiest way to sell a Backpacker Car

May 15, 2018 no responses
selling or buying
Have you made plans to go sight-seeing in a foreign country? Is your time in said country going to take upwards of a month to complete? Then you need

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General Attributes of Auto Wreckers

May 4, 2018 no responses
Whether you want to remove your scrap vehicle or looking to purchase used spare parts at cheap prices, you will quite often look to the auto wreckers for help.

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How to sell a car you Still Owe Money on?

March 30, 2018 no responses
loan -to-pay
Selling a vehicle has been already a tough job. And it becomes highly complicated when you still owe money on it. But fortunately this is a common transaction done

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All about Car Engine Problems

March 27, 2018 no responses
Normally, it is accepted by most folk that getting repairs on your car is an expensive task. However, if it is the engine that is broken, the cost of

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